"Looking for a company name and logo" contests

I think I’ve seen this phrasing more than once in the title of a contest recently “Looking for a company name and logo”

I just accidentally clicked on one such contest and Commulinks kindly clarified in the messages “SH just told me that there is a bundle package for name and logo so if we see this (and the brief now has the package info in it) then the CH knows that they will launch a logo contest after the name is chosen.”

I’m wondering how many creatives are like me and don’t click on “logo” contests. If there are many skipping logo contests the CHs might be missing out on lots of entries if there isn’t more obvious clarification.

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I wondered that too. Plus how does that work? If it’s a bundle…does it mean if it is a $300 contest…the $300 is split between the name and logo? Or does the name winner still get the $300 and they pay an extra amount for the logo when they run it?

I asked SH about this yesterday. They said they do have bundles and that the prize amount listed for the naming portion is the actual prize for the name only. The CHs know that they will launch a logo contest afterward which will have a prize of its own.

WordLabyinth, there are some contests that say logo only but these packages look different.

Holly, so when we see in the brief that there is a “package,” the CH does know they won’t get logos and names at the same time.

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Yes - We now have contest bundles. This allows CHs to pay for multiple contests at once and receive a discount. They will still launch individuals contests for each deliverable. For example, a CH who purchases a name, tagline, and logo contest package will launch one naming contest, one tagline contest, and one logo contest. As always, each contest will have a winner who receives the full award amount as listed on the contest page.

When searching for contests to participate in, we recommend that you do not rely on the contest Title. Simply use the sort functions or look at the information below the contest Title:

  • Naming / Company Name
  • Branding & identity / Logo