LOL Have you ever submitted a name and thought WHAT THE BLEEP was I thinking

LOL I did that … I submitted some names and thought what the HECK was I thinking LOL


I have submitted a name and the CH thought WHAT THE BLEEP was she thinking :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I have only entered three names which nobody has liked>"I have deleted them is this what you are supposed to do?/

Naw, no, I would never do that. I mean, my names are always pure perfections. PPPPPPPFFFFTTTTTTTT hahahaha :grinning::joy::innocent:


It’s up to you, @CreativeJohnny. Some people leave them, just in case.

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Yes for sure and it was embarrassing when I saw the name the way the CH probably saw it. I was in a whole different mind set when I wrote it down.

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I have submitted one and received the Mr Yuck face and it actually ended up winning… I thought where did that come from


Hey @Vivegoodkarma…that’s a gr8 surprise(compliment) CONGRATULATIONS. .I had a recent entry although it was in the orange…it was tagged as :sunglasses:…but a bit nerdy for their purpose YIKES. .lol. .it happens to the best of us now and again :slight_smile:

Yes!! Thank you, yes. And I’m like wow, that was a reach!