Logos and Names

@Dan I was curious as to why the logo contests and naming contests are combined in one leaderboard.

To me they are apples and oranges and two different things. Not only are we doing something completely different from each other…but in the logo contests, there may be 15-20 participants tops, compared to 100-150 (or more) in the naming contests,so the competition seems to be a little more stiff. So all things are not exactly on an equal ground.

Have you ever considered dividing them into two entities? Just was wondering.Thanks!

Oh,and just to clarify, I am not in any way disparaging or putting down the logo creatives or diminishing their wins…they are very talented too,and come up with great stuff.It just seems to me like logos and names are two totally different things that are being combined into one.

@hollygirl, the leaderboard section is to recognize top performing creatives who win the most contests on Squadhelp platform. All contests are competitive, and we don’t differentiate between types of contests when it comes to recognition.

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