Logo Idea Offer

Hello everyone, I have what I think is a great logo for a newly submitted contest , unfortunately I’m not a graphic designer and do everything by iPhone (due to traveling). I have drawn it by hand and I think my design is good enough to win so here is what I’m proposing( as long as it doesn’t break any rules).
I can send a copy to another SH member (no CH) via email or if possible (privately) thru this forum and if they think it is good enough then they could submit it and maybe win , obviously I would be doing this on faith but I think 50/50 would be fair.
Anyone interested?
Also does anyone know if this kind of collaboration breaks any guidelines?

You may find partial answers to your query in 3. Assignment of Intellectual Property Rights, as per


@Vision ok so if I have this right, it’s ok as long as I waiver my intellectual property rights. Is that right by your understanding?

@Demiurge, Assignment/transfer or licensing of the intellectual Property Rights are the preferred terms to describe allocation of the IP rights with a third party involvement…

As per Terms and Conditions:

“Stock Images” means images, logos or other artistic works which may be purchased from a third party website or directly from a third party.

“Third Party Works” means any image, logo, artistic work, literary work or other item or thing (including a Stock Image) in which the Intellectual Property Rights are owned by another party other than the Member.’’

As a part of a submission process of one’s entry to a logo contest one needs to state:

''Licensed Images *
If your design includes any stock imagery or clipart, please declare so here.

This is my original work and I am not violating any copyright by submitting this entry.
This work contains design elements that are not my own.''

That being said, it’s up to SH to formulate their policy on intra-creative/user collaboration

Are these messages private disregarding SH? Sorry I’m a newbie.

@Demiurge All of your above messages are publicly posted on the forum/SH pages.

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@Demiurge, you are welcome to collaborate with others, as long as you are willing to transfer your IP to the person submitting the entry. The winner would need to transfer the IP to the contest holder, so they should have the ability to do so without any restrictions.

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@dan thank you very much for your response.
I see that this can be an issue amongst the community, yet I have no problem to give who ever IPR. I enjoy this. For me it’s not about cash value it’s more about respect, whether that’s from the community, SH or more importantly the CH, because at the end of the day that’s the only reason we are all here.
Can I ask (going to anyway) if no one wants to collaborate can I post it here and make it a free for all??

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Sure, you can post it here if you’d like.