Logo for company I named

Just saw the contest close for a logo to go with a company I named.(It was a cool logo by the way!) It is is really fun and gratifying to see your idea take root and move forward.

Sometimes I wonder if the winning names actually get utilized by the CH or not… so it is kinda cool to see that your creativity really was appreciated by the CH and actually used for their company.
It gives you a feeling of accomplishment.

Then to have another creative take your vision and add theirs to it to create a logo,is terrific.

I love it when things come together like that, and you actually can see it happen.

Most of the time when you name,you never know where it goes,or if anything is actually done with it.

Please understand that I’m not promoting myself or bragging about winning…I just thought it was neat to see my name come full circle, as that doesn’t happen much.

Best of luck,everyone! There’s been some pretty clever names lately.


It is cool Holly. I know how you feel . And just think one day we may be able to look back and say, “Hey, I named that billion dollar business!” And then retreat into corner and cry. Lol


I felt the same way when a company I named was having a logo contest. But then she changed the name of the company the last day of the logo contest! Oh well! I always wondered if anyone has ever seen one of their names “in the real world?” Besides just googling it :wink:


Yes. I Facebook-friended a couple (they don’t know I thought of their name!) and have checked up on some others. It’s really rewarding, especially when you see so many contests abandoned. etc.


That’s awesome! Most of the CHs from my winning names haven’t bought the domain!


I just saw the company that went with my name “Cratus Labs” is holding a logo contest too.So that is exciting! Can’t wait to see what they come up with.

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LOL my names gonna be a coloring book for adults/ Yay I guess?


Yep…yay! II think all wins are cool…especially when they are CH generated,as you know you caught their vision.

Seez…it kinda seems strange not to see your football dude…I hardly know it’s you! :0)

Its getting worse n the last one was personal!

And when he comes to scoop up my names is going to notice all for sale

How was it personal? You mean other creatives playing off your names or ideas? People taking your submitted names after the fact, but not choosing them as the winning name? What has happened to make you disillusioned,Seez?

Disillusioned? slightly strange word to usehere actually a little bit offensive

Oh…I apologize! I must have chosen the wrong word…I didn’t mean to offend you.I meant something has seemed to upset you.I was concerned,that’s all.