Logo Designer Training and Rules


In my personal opinion, the most important thing about a logo is that a viewer can immediately see the words contained within it. If the potential buyer can’t see the words in the logo, “at a glance,” more than likely, the name will be overlooked. The potential for a sale is dramatically decreased.

We have a limited amount of Logo Redesigns at our disposal. I feel that I shouldn’t have to use any of my redesigns for something that a logo designer should all ready know (or has been trained to know.)

Words need to be distinguished in some way, in order to be seen. Either by Camel Casing or a space between the two words or a different color for each word.

Today is the Second Time that I will have to use a redesign because of this issue. My domain name shows up on my new logo as “leaflion.” As experienced creatives we can see the 2 words Leaf and Lion. But what will the buyers see? lea-flion? lea-fli-on? If there is no differentiation between the 2 words, their eyes will probably move past it.

This domain will probably only sell by type-in-traffic, unless I have the logo redesigned.
I choose to put my names on Squad Help because of the attention my names get through visual aesthetics, when a buyer is browsing through the site. I’m paying a higher commision for this privilege. I expect the buyers to be able to see that there are two words, if there are two words.

Therefore I am asking the SH team to please train the Logo Designers - that words must be distinguished in some fashion - so that they are readable “at a glance.” And I am asking for an “extra free” logo design when my name is not readable “at a glance,” please.

Just so you know, I camel case all the words that I submit. This designer purposely changed the domain name to all lower case.

Thank you so much for your time. @Grant


You bring up many great points. I also would like to add that readable fonts are also an issue. Some are so “fancy” they can’t be read. Also cursive is problematic. Since most U.S. schools don’t teach cursive and haven’t for many years, many (most?) millennials and younger can’t read cursive, especially letters like “s” that do not resemble their corresponding print letters.

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Also is there a timeline for logo redesigns? I have some that have been pending for quite a while.

I agree the names need to be legible, but I don’t mind cursive fonts. Cursive is still taught in my child’s public elementary school, and we live in the US.

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