Login not working well


When I login it’s been acting up so I was hoping if others experience it then reply and SH will realize there is an issue. Mention what device you use also so we know if it’s happening only on mobile and not desktop!


Had problems the other day, was real strange. Showing different name than my own, ect. I use a laptop. I logged out and cleared browser couple of times, nothing. Bluebuttoned it, fixed.


I’m having issues too. I have to log in everytime I come to SH.


Forgot to add I’m using a laptop.


Only issue I am having is the absent tabs of HELP and SOCIAL - all others are there.
On Chrome, the tabs are missing. On Internet Explorer, they are there. I BB, changed browser and they were there. But everyday, they are absent when I use my goto browser, Chrome. PC


Anyone else having problems with the login in? Everyday I have to re enter my email and password and so I’m hoping other people have to do this so I know it has nothing to do with my device.


Ditto,. mines been doing the same


Oh have you blue buttoned them if not could you do so to tell them there’s and actual problem? I have but I’ve stopped since they keep making me think it’s on my end. I just think if they realize it’s happening to many then they’ll actually find the problem.


Kwazi, I actually have had the same problem - sort of. If I go to squadhelp.com/dashboard or squadhelp.com/marketplace-dashboard, I do not have to log in. But my account still isn’t 100% right after I ran a contest.


If you login, then go to your active contests and fill in your search criteria (I un-tick pending winner selection and then tick not participated by me), then add that to your bookmarks!

It solves two problems. Having to log in each day AND having to tick / un-tick your preferred selections each time. Every time I’ve finished a contest I just hit my bookmark and it takes me to my searched for list.

Hope this helps.