Listing of Past Contests

I used to be able to go to “all” contests to see what I submitted over the year(s) (that I didn’t win) and use those names again if another contest was similar. Now, it seems only available are contests I’ve won.
Is there a way to see all the contests?

@Christine, you should be able to see your contests by following steps below:

  1. Go to this page:
  2. On the left, click on the filter on the bottom “Participated by me”
  3. Make sure you include the “Closed” filter in your selection.

This should show all the contests which you have participated in.

Thank you so much. Appreciate your guidance!

I was wondering about the same thing @Dan

The way you suggested only shows us the contest, then we have to open the contest page and navigate to my entries to see the names. Way too many steps.

The problem is this…
Lets say I want to reuse a name, so I need one of my madeup 1 words.
Now I can’t remember ALL my made up names, nor can I remember which one of the hundreds of contests I’ve submitted them on.

We used to have a listing of the actual names with their star ratings (not a listing of the contests)
When I pulled up that list, a name would catch my eye and boom, I’d reuse it.

We’d like the ability to see our past Names please :slight_smile:

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