Limit shortlists to 5 percent of entries

just as we add delete and have limits I think contest holders should as well, at least this way if its contest an abandoned contest the creatives get more than, in some cases less than a dime for that loved name. They can of course delete add as we do. In another section I sugested that each contest holder get a broad welcome letter from the creatives and a little about our range and at the end of the contest as well, to make us more real, and saying how excited or how we anticipate the pic, along with a close out drop down or return note to the creatives, I need to let board decide, you can expect winner by xbetc. Somehow, we have to get across to them that having 50 shortlisted on a hundred dollar contest isnt worth our time. another helpful thing is letting them know that too many shortlisted entries will discourage creatives. A split should at very very least equal the cost to register it. The other thing we could have is prompts or a prompt at near end of contest to cull shortlists down so in case they do abandon its at least worth it to have participated.


Totally agree, Slogana. I hope SH does something about it.


I totally Agree!. . . . . .

In our experience, adding more limits and roadblocks will lead to more contest holders abandoning their contest.

The main objective of shortlist feature is to offer management tools to contest holders so that they can easily manage the 1000+ submissions on the contests. Different people have different management styles for their lists - some like to keep a very small shortlist however others prefer to work with a larger list and narrow their choices over time. In many cases the contests are being run by multiple stakeholders and therefore, they typically start with more entries in their shortlist.

Our best practices and daily emails to contest holders specifically recommend keeping a small shortlist. As the contest nears completion, we specifically remind CHs to cut down their shortlist to a manageable number. While we will continue to find additional ways to recommend our best practices to contest holders, we do not plan to put a limit on the shortlists at this stage.


thankyou for explaining, can we do a dear ch from the creatives, I figure they know they paid so, but dont see the real behind us, the waiting and tiny payout, maybe a prompt in final hours talking about us? Rating thousands of names with our add deletes certainly seems like a chore.