Liking peoples names that aren' t revealed


First,a disclaimer…I am in no way slamming anyone…but just curiously asking why some people “like” people’s names when they are awaiting domain registration and have not been revealed.
I thought the purpose of “liking” someone’s winning name was to acknowledge a name\ tagline\ logo that was clever,appropriate for the contest,extra creative, etc. So if we just like every entry that wins…( especially when we don’t even know what the entry is) doesn’t that negate the purpose of it? Kinda like participation trophies? I get the being supportive and nice aspect…but isn’t this for giving high fives to particularly deserving ( in our opinion at least) names\ taglines\logos? Or am I misunderstanding the purpose of liking winning entries? Please understand…this is not meant to be critical…just trying to understand the psyche of this. Your input? Thanks!


I am guilty of this. I do it to support the people who are also always very supportive because I know their name will most likely never be seen after all that work they did.


I with that…that’s the reason I do it too…and if I’ve missed liking anyone’s accomplishment :raised_hand::raised_hand::raised_hand: fives across the board!!!


OH MY GOD THANK YOU I WAS THINKING THAT THIS MORNING- same to people liking contests before the CH has gone through- I assumed likes were used as incentive for the CH? When they do a wonderful job replying, rating, leaving public feedback.


Then you have the opposite, those who never like anyone’s wins… ever. I noticed that too. Not one name is worthy? I find that just as odd.


The liking contests thing does bug me a lot.


I always try to look through all the winning options, be it a name, a slogan or a logo. I support with my “heart” each new winner. Anyway, the victory is “hit the mark”, recognition by the customer of the quality of work and professionalism of the master, and this, in my opinion, is the most important assessment for the author!


I have to say that the way my life has been this last year…one crisis and tragedy after another…I am an offender in that direction at times…but simply because I haven’t had the bandwidth at times to look at all the winners…not because I dont think there haven’t been some good names,I’m sure.


Does it smack to you of trying to earn brownie points,or what is the reason? Just curious.I only like contests if the CH has been helpful and engaged,and answers questions and gives direction.


I don’t mean they don’t do it everyday or every week. I mean some NEVER do at all and I just find it odd. I don’t have time to look for days myself sometimes, but I do see names, and especially logos that just deserve it. I am sure I missed some great ones myself.


yes it feels that way… but the CH never sees “who” hearted the contest so I don’t know why. I guess there is appreciation that the customer came and is using SH??? But the heart was supposed to be a sort of rating for CHs and their interaction.


When I see a lot of likes… and I’m like woop! This must mean the CH is great!

Scroll down… no ratings or messages…

Then there’s this situation that just… no…
When creatives only like a contest when the prize is high… That’s what kills.


I never like anyone winning names, because I never look at them. I think I’ve looked at the winners list about 4 times since I’ve been here. I’ve never liked a CH either, it’s just not something I’d think of doing. I usually have a set amount of time each day, so I just get in and enter as many contests as I can in that time, if I have any time left over I might drop in here (the forum) and/or I come here if I have a question that I think the whole community would benefit from knowing the answer to.

I notice lots of creative names that I’ve never seen in here so I’m sure there are lots of people like me with limited time and use it all on contests.


I get that @AbleBrands , I only have 3 hours a day usually, thus don’t have time to look every day either. But people on all day long I guess is what I find odd. If you have that much time on your hands, you can’t be entering contests all day as you should be caught up awaiting feedback, ratings etc… Oh well, we all do it our own way. I just noticed the flip side of the thread and was just curious on that end as well as the original question on why they “like” names they can’t see curiosity too.


I try to like all the winners names that are available to see …to me it shows that we are encouraging and supportive of each other. I know for me, I was having a day of very little feedback from my contests & every time I got notification that someone liked my winning name it gave me a smile :slight_smile:


Lol I don’t understand it too @Commulinks . The contest likes should have some purpose for us. Anyway the rating of the CH gives good indication of the contest. Also on the flip side what if the CH abandons the contest coz it wasn’t liked much lolz. I hope to God they can’t see other contest likes and they don’t get notification of the likes like we do lol. Also for us IMHO it takes up valuable screen realestate especially on mobile screens.

On the original topic… I don’t click love/like on wins coz I don’t have time like @AbleBrands mentioned and I love everyone’s work. How do you like everything… so I don’t at all. To whom it matters please add one “Love” click from me by default :wink: . Also as long as the likes are being notified the same way as the contest entry likes I don’t really like those. It doesn’t make sense. It’s like being notified for every like you get on a FB post (FB consolidates fyi and we get a summary of likes). Notifications for these should be optional IMHO. Also at the least they shouldn’t have to be clicked to go away from the Notifications list. Opening notifications should make them all as read except the comment ones. I will add this suggestion on the other thread. :slight_smile:


When I like someone’s name, it often means that I congratulate him/her on the winning, no matter wether the name is revealed or not. I know what a hard work is behind every triumph here and want to show that I share the winner’s joy.


I don’t think I have ever “liked” a winning entry…certainly not because they are not worthy, I have seen a large number of very creative names. I also usually stay logged in at all times because I work online and may occasionally jump over to the open tab on my computer when I have a chance to check if there are any new contests. Very rarely do I even look at the winning entries page…comment in here…etc. Any time spent on here is usually just when I have a chance to throw a few names in a contest…though I never log out, so it probably looks like I am on here all the time! Lol…I also don’t want to offend anyone by “liking” some names, but not liking theirs, so I just didn’t want to start liking them. For the most part, when I have time to be on Squad (mostly during summer months), I try to stay low on the radar…no reason really…I guess I mainly just don’t want to offend people by actively “liking” names and then going a period of time without liking…it takes time to go through all of them, and I really don’t have that kind of time, even if it appears I am on here all day, I am not!!! :-):grinning: I agree though…the notifications can be somewhat annoying…thinking I have a like or love from a CH and then I have to click on it to make it disappear…Thank you to all who have liked any of my winning names…and consider yours automatically liked and congratulated by me! Any name that wins gets a “like” in my book…even if I personally don’t care for it, the CH did, and that is what matters! Now…time to go crawl back under my rock and remain inconspicuous!


lol…and apparently, someone decided to be funny after reading this post (nobody here) and went and “liked” one of My entries 14 times!!


LOL - Thank you for making me (literally) Laugh Out Loud, April :rofl: