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I know I’ve talked about this before but, still, I’ll bring it up again
Is there any remote possibility of requesting lifestyle images for our winning names? There is no comparison between profiles with and without those.
Just like what happens when other creatives design domains logos, lifestyle images could be requested through payment with coins.
Anyway, i believe all profiles should look the same but, maybe, I’m being greedy.


@Porti Currently we have limited resources to create lifestyle images, and we would not be able to expand this offering for winning names. We may revisit this in future.

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I already mentioned this, not sure if it reached many people. Is there a way to let us add lifestyle images to premium marketplace listings? Make a pool of 50-100 images for each type of business, make 5-10 default fonts available and let us add lifestyle images to our domains. I don’t see the downside of this idea, @grant


This is a very good idea, because now I have several times observed that the same image is used for different domains. Actually, it’s possible to expand this for all premium domains


It would take a lot more than just 50-100 though, or the same images would show up everywhere. I see the repeated images occasionally, as well, and tbh it looks tacky, especially when the two names show up on the same page.


I have been “assigned” a lifestyle image of a circuit board for one of my premium domains which is clearly not applicable to it. I asked for a review and it was denied the first time. It is pending a second review. How can I get it changed to reflect the proper category by the image?


Thank you @grant. I understand that perfectly well, that’s why I offered to make them. I can’t design domain logos because I occasionally enter logo contests but hopefully I could arrange the lifestyle images, which don’t require me a lot of time. :slightly_smiling_face: Of course, this would happen under your approval.


Hi, @Porti!

This is a great idea! I have asked, through the bb, for an image for my only winning entry :crazy_face: but no luck since only a few creatives are assigned to it. I, myself, love photography and have an HD camera. If allowed by @grant, I could do that for you (and other creatives) the same way designers create logos for Marketplace listings. :blush: I completely understand that SH doesn’t have time/resources to do that but I think this could be a great solution! :camera:


Thanks @Isabel_Pizarro :smiley: :heart_eyes:

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I was disappointed this morning to find the four new lifestyle images I purchased using free membership tier coins were all unrelated to the names they are illustrating. I understand sometimes one might slip through that isn’t a perfect match, but four seems a bit much. A picture of hands on a laptop seems an odd and boring choice for a wellness brand, and a sloppily dressed girl surrounded by green smoke isn’t really good for a fashion brand built around the word “scarlet”. I could go on, but I’m sure you get the picture. If no effort is going to be made to match names with images that might actually sell the name, what really is the point? I feel ripped off.


I agree with your point on some odd choices for the images. SH, Please have the designers read the descriptions before attributing the images. An image that goes well with the name will capture the eye of the right buyer.


I know exactly how you feel. Your trying to get the domain sold for SH as well as yourself, so when the logo/lifestyle image fails at capturing the name in the best light - you can’t help but feel frustrated. I have some of those missed-it-by-a-mile images and logos so I can relate to that.


The problem would be resolved if we were allowed to use images from free photo sites. We would choose a picture, and the SH team can approve it


I love this idea. Later, you may find your domain works better in another category so you’d be able to switch in another suitable image without bugging SH.


Seems like a win-win :grinning:


I have had a similar experience where the lifestyle image chosen for a kids/baby brand was a bride/woman in a white dress??? Then when I asked for it to be changed, it got denied!! So I’m stuck with it now. I really don’t think much thought goes into selecting these images at times and I wish I could choose them for myself. I spend time writing up descriptions and selecting emotions that the brand conveys… why aren’t these being considered when choosing a lifestyle image? Remember, we are here to sell these brands, not just action a to-do list. I am reluctant to purchase any more lifestyle images until some serious improvements are made.


What makes it worse is people are having to pay for them. If you’re paying for it – especially if you’re like some of us that don’t have hundreds of names and therefore don’t have free coins and everything, you should be given attention due to that factor. Suggest five images, allow creative to pick which of the five works, or partner up with a commercial-free photography site and allow creatives to submit ideas, or something. I, at this point, won’t buy lifestyle images. Not only because what people have said, but because seeing how some of the ones I’ve received for free can really lock a name into a specific category. Not only that but logos often miss the mark as well. I don’t, right now, have really good names in my portfolio, but I have suggested others that have been turned down. Then on the off-chance I do get one approved, have to face the potential or issues with logos, lifestyle images, etc. Things that are complicated and matter, to me, are being undeservingly oversimplified and the things that should be simple are being made complicated.

But I understand SH is under a lot of pressure and stress especially right now with everything, let alone added that we have so many more people now and so many more submissions and just so much work for SH to have to focus on. That’s why I try not to complain or even say anything. Because I see both sides of the token. But I think, doing a few of these things would actually give more efficiency to some of the issues. Maybe? I don’t know. I love SH and I’m not going anywhere. I love the premise, the idea, the potential for things, and the people … we just have to get there. At some point.

So maybe SH team can think of allowing images and maybe even logos to be picked from ideas by creatives. Or we partner up with a stock image host for lifestyle images and the logos to be chosen from 3-5 ideas, or even … maybe give logo style choice before logo is made to at least give more choice to how the logo may come out at the end. Because you have so many styles for things. Choosing from these types can at least allow designer, sh, and creative to maybe more easily meet on a similar page than what seems to happen. Same with lifestyle images. Choices, or style ides to choose from or ability to have more hand in what happens could actually start making the MP move faster as if the logo and branding images more align … potential customers will choose names better, actually want to keep the original logo, and so many other things that may actually be a bit of an issue now. Maybe?

I don’t know, just trying to offer suggestions that address bth sides of the token at the same time that way SH, Creatives, and Customers all take something away from this.


If I could pick 1 thing to improve off the top of my head, it would be lifestyle images.

Considering it’s something you pay for, it seems unfair to recieve images you don’t like or that don’t atleast fit the name, and then to be denied a change when reviewed is even worse.

The proper lifestyle images can really help seal a vision and sell a name. It’s a make or break thing. I’d think it would be of interest to SH to improve this feature knowing they benefit from it as well.

Like a previous creative mentioned, it’s not just that it doesn’t fit the vision, it can totally diminish a top notch name and kill a sale. You can have a $10,000 domain yet pair it with the wrong image and it becomes a $2,000 one.

Look at it this way: you use the wrong image and you’ve just turned away thousands of potential buyers who rely on sight to see a vision. That’s why people come to us – because we paint the picture for them and bring it to life with the perfect images and names and taglines so they can see their vision as a whole.

As another creative mentioned, it also looks tacky when you see the same image being used on names of totally different categories.

At this point, I’ve decided not to purchase a lifestyle image for my names. I’ve seen too many times where creatives are frustrated and letdown with the lifestyle images they were given. I feel the risk is not worth the reward. I’d be very frustrated if I ended up with an image that took away from my name.


Because some sites provide it with free,i hope SH can lower coins for lifestyle image ie max 2 coins. I use free images from other website for 2 of my domains, before SH put this 4 coins rule.

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I subbed to have 2 new logos on my names with my tier perks, and never heard a word.
That was one month ago, tomorrow.