Let us submit names to contests that are at other marketplaces


I have many domains at other marketplaces that contest holders could benefit from. I understand that the commission model could be a nightmare for you guys if you allowed this, but your contest holders would surely benefit from those of us who have inventory elsewhere other than SH?

What is everyone else’s thoughts on this?


My thoughts are move the domains from the other marketplace to here. SH wants to be (and is fast becoming) the leader in this space. Why would SH advertise to bring in clients then promote other marketplaces? It doesn’t make financial sense.

You can add your domains to Basic Plus and keep them at other marketplaces if you would rather do that, but you have to point the DNS here.


I know you’ve had good success on Squadhelp, but likewise I’ve done well at other places and are loyal to those. I think Squadhelp buyers have a very specific take on their brand and domain choices, thus I’m not yet convinced I would have the same level of success here as I do elsewhere, or anywhere near the success you’ve had.

I suppose it is frustrating coming across contests where I may actually have almost the perfect domain for them but I can’t submit it.

Also there’s the issue that this maybe on the off chance I come across a contest ending in a couple of days, usually that isn’t enough time for me to get a premium listing approved.


I understand how you feel @DaveP. It took me a long time to bite the bullet and move my domains from elsewhere. I was doing OK elsewhere and making a nice income, so it was a brave move as SH was unproven at that time.

I moved my domains when there was only around 5,000 domains in SH marketplace and I capitalized on that. I think I’ve done better by moving, but I don’t know if it’s because I got in early or if I really have done better, I’ve had to drop my prices by at least 40% to get them approved here so I needed more sales just to keep the income I was getting elsewhere and I’ve not moved the more valuable domains here as I’m not prepared to drop my prices on those. I honestly don’t know how I’d feel about moving if it was now so I can’t help you in that area.

Perhaps you could list new purchases here and build up a new portfolio then you can compare how you are doing at each marketplace and move to the one that fits you and your domains the best.

Whatever you decide, good luck!