"Less Posts, More Action."

Hi, Dan, SH and everyone:
I want to propose another post-streamlining idea. I came online yesterday to at least 20 e-mails that were SH-based, and many were about the same topics. There have been a huge number of e-mails lately related to asking for more directions and I’m aware that a few contestants received ratings questions warnings.
Could we collectively design at least 2 related posts that could be issued to CHs who are rating everything low and/or giving very limited information? They could be worded in a very friendly, pro-active way. Example: Hi, CH! Just wanted to check in! Remember that giving 1s means that contestants haven’t followed your brief at all. Or: Hi, CH! Contestants have been asking for more detailed information. Could you elaborate on _______?
This might at least cut down on the PMs, ratings questions, etc. The CHs would still be contacted, but in a way that SH would condone and approve. And hopefully some contestants wouldn’t be receiving information via PM that others weren’t. Thoughts?


Hey @auntshommy!

Great idea! but…I think they’re doing something about that already; i think it’s a notification that pops up when the CH is rating 1s quite too much or doing it just to hide the submissions. Anyways, anything that would get me out of the 1s and 2s swamp is good :laughing:


LoudSilence: Cool name, cool picture!
I have a large number of e-mail notifications, many from a small group of people, and forum posts have indicated that some contestants have run into some issues with their posts. So I’d like to explore if there’s more we could be doing. Thanks!


Great idea @auntshommy. Maybe a series of timed emails that feel like a guided tour, a contest MC/host. More can be added at different points/stages of a contest. I like Guide better than Remind.

@Dan is it possible for us contestants to view messages currently being sent out to CHs, if any? I think it would help if contestants know the whens and whats. I also think CHs will take it much better if these messages came from SH, instead of individual contestants.

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Thanks @auntshommy. It is a good suggestion and we will consider this as we make further improvements. However, currently we believe we are already sending too many popups, messages and notifications to CHs in a fairly short amount of time. We send them alerts during their contest based on certain thresholds (e.g if they are not rating enough, they get an alert about how ratings could help improve the outcome of their contest). Similarly, every time they give a 1 star rating, they are shown a popup with a very clear criteria for 1 star rating. They have to click twice to accept the 1 star rating. They also receive an initial packet that provides details around ratings as well as other guidelines to follow. On top of that, we also send additional messages to CH proactively from time to time. We believe the system is already doing a lot behind the scenes to inform the CH about the ratings and feedback.

At the end, however, these are guidelines and we respect the CH’s decision about how they feel about certain entries. We don’t believe this is something they should have to justify or be reminded of by multiple contestants and this type of communication is best handled by SH. Therefore, we have a strict policy around comment guidelines. We will take note of your feedback and continue to further improve the communication we have in place with the CH.


As a follow up to above, I am sharing a data point that might help put things in perspective. We analyzed the contests prior to November 2015, and those that launched during November, Dec and January (when we started implemented the rating related communication and guidelines for CH).

The average number of 1 star ratings per contest prior to November was 163. Since November, the average number of 1 star ratings per contest is 22. While it may feel like there are too many low ratings, we have to put things in perspective, and look at the bigger picture. There will always be few exceptions where a CH ended up giving too many 1 star ratings. Similarly, there could also be cases where a CH ended up giving two many 4 star ratings. If we look at the bigger picture, there has been an 8X drop in 1 star ratings per contest since November. We are committed to improving the communication even further, but the rating system is designed to evaluate the performance in aggregate. Since all contestants have an opportunity to participate in all contests, some of the erratic behavior in specific contests does not have a material impact on the relative rankings and quality score of contestants.


Thank you, Dan! The “1s” tend to be clustered in a few contests and tend to be given by a small number of CHs as a means of eliminating entries. It is definitely not the problem it used to be as recently as last summer. I was thinking in terms of a forum area where we could check in and say, Could we send CH_____ a follow-up on the way he/she is rating? The ratings are exceptionally low across the board…something like that.
The feedback requests which come through our e-mail are problematic only when they come from 1 or 2 contestants who constantly send generic ones. Most contestants either send very few or posts directly targeted to the contest which I find very helpful. Thanks again!


Maybe in “My Notification Preferences” add one more setting that let us subscribe to comments made by CHs only, leaving out comments by contestants.

wouldnt that be confusing - not knowing what the question was :wink:

I would say it’s more complete than it is confusing :wink: By that time we would have the question and the answer in place, together and only a click/tap away! rather than sitting and waiting for the VIP to arrive :slight_smile: