Last wave of contests kinda hard?


Well…my percentages and points just took the biggest hit since I have been on SH.The eye color dude just gave me ELEVEN 1 stars! OUCH! Omigosh! This has never happened to me. Since I followed the brief and gave him good names…it ticks me off. I guess I’m out. My one 3 star from him doesn’t make up for it.I don’t dare give any more names as I don’t want to be penalized any more.Good luck everyone.


Oh yeah. I had this pleasure with the fashion podcast contest, now again with this, luckily with less entries this time.
180 entries rated, 170 got 1*. Amazing! :smiley: I Wish SH would do something about those SH’s abusing the guidelines of ratings…
And I agree, like you said before @hollygirl, “No more names for you!” :smiley:


Yep! Ha! The funny thing is one of my names he gave me 1 star for…he first gave me FIVE stars…then 2 minutes later reduced it to 1 star. Really? How do you go from 5 stars to one star??? He loves your name one minute…then a few minutes later, you didn’t follow the brief and he hates it? So I’m done…“No more names for you!” lol!

Hope the ones that have 5 stars right now keep them.Best of luck!


I know you can’t say anything…but boy is it tempting to say something along the lines of…if you want people to work hard and give you good names…giving everyone 1 star isn’t gonna get you there! ha!


It’s like he has a double personality :smiley: first 10 entries were rated by the good side and then all the rest by the evil side, and your entry was the change point :smiley:


I would like to remind everyone that this is a public forum, and is also visited by Contest Holders. You can not make fun of specific members whether they are contestants or contest holders. Please keep this in mind for your future posts.

Here’s our policy, for reference:


Okey dokey.Noted. Thanks~


Yes , the eye color person seems to be stuck on the 1 star button. Ouch


@hollygirl I feel maybe some CH think that giving 1* is better than not rating, they possibly believe no rating is 0* and therefore 1 is better than nothing. A pop up explaining the ratings could occur when a CH rates 1* thus making it clear as to what they are doing. On the pop up they could ask why the CH has rated this way as to avoid further weak entries.


A pop up does occur for the CH, they are made aware of the implications of their rating it a one.


Thanks @Annie still a newbie so I have a lot to learn.


Thanks for the info, I did not know that. Still learning too.


Unexpected plot twist: the eye color CH turned out to be a really sweet person and the tsunami of 1* was just a big misunderstanding :slight_smile: Oh well.

By the way, why nobody told me that if you withdraw your entries they disappear from your stats? This takes away all the stress from seeing your stats drop and being afraid of getting a penalty for that. Whew :smiley: :low_brightness:


Just out of curiousity, SH, why is this forum public and available to be seen by CHs? What purpose does that serve for them? They already have an avenue to talk to entrants on the contest page.


I’ve wondered that too.It would be nice to have a forum where just the creatives could interact and sometimes even vent in freedom.


That would be the ‘senior’s member lounge’. Although I would be surprised if you didn’t know about it, coz you do post a lot :stuck_out_tongue: (which I think is how you end up with the ‘key’). :wink:


I personally have not heard of such a place. Is it like Oz?


there are couple of witches and a queen in there, someone looking for brain etc


Jose, as i said it once and i’ll repeat it again, it depends witch way you look at it, and, please, don’t turn our lounge into the witch hunt place of the 21 century :wink:


I can Look for Toto instead