Kudos to SH/ CH feedback

First: I want to thank SH for the amazing turnaround time with awards sent to Paypal. I won yesterday, and it’s already there! Like direct deposit!
I’m wondering if we can come up with a solution to deal with CHs who are ineffectively communicating and rate everything so low that no one knows which way to turn. In “Consolidated Suggestions” last August, I had suggested something I called CHAMP (Contest Holder AMP) which I assumed would be monitored by SH. We need a safe place/way to vent so that contestants won’t be reported/feel a need to report each other. I don’t know if the forum is the best place, a more clearly labeled button in the contests, etc. It’s to the CHs advantage to get a lot of entries and not to have contestants bolt out of frustration. I didn’t realize until Jackie said something last week that contests had an entry minimum. Thoughts?


This is only partially related to your post. I didn’t know about the minimum entry guarantee either until it was mentioned. The prizes have definitely been higher since the $50 was phased out. The only thing about hitting the minimum is, in my case, I can only submit 10 entries at a time, so if a CH doesnt do any rating, I basically can’t add any more (unless I delete all unrated entries and input more). This would obviously raise the entries submitted, but to no avail really. I don’t know how many here are limited to 10 entries at a time (unrated), but this definitely limits the number of entries per contest.

We really want CH participation (to up entries/find the perfect name), unfortunately that is going to come with a huge amount of low ratings, because most CH’s will realistically only like a small portion of names. And this is the name of the game we play here everyday. I have to suck up the low ratings, to be able to input more entries.

But anyway, you have a great idea:)

Guess I am hanging in the forum, there are so many competitions right now, my brain is mush!!

Thanks @auntshommy and @SMJ110 for your feedback. We are continuing to improve the Squadhelp platform, and we will take your feedback into consideration.

Regarding minimum number of guaranteed entries, this hasn’t been an issue for any contest so far. What this guarantee means is that the CHs have the ability to request complimentary extension of contest if they haven’t received the minimum number of entries. So far, there hasn’t been any contest where a CH has asked for cancellation because they received less than minimum. If we see this becoming an issue in future, we will certainly make changes to the entry limits.