Keywords liked by CH

We have added the ability to detect and analyze the root words/ keywords associated with all the names being submitted to contests. This feature is currently being used to provide AI recommendations for premium domains that might be a good fit for the contests.

We are considering showing the top root words liked by the CH on the contest page to all creatives participating in the contest. However, before we add this feature, we would like to get the feedback from our community. Please share your feedback on the three options we are considering:

  1. Show the top 5 root words that are being liked by CH. For example, if the CH likes names such as InstantHeal, and HealMax, and HealJoy (these are not real examples), we will show “Heal” as one of the keywords being liked by CH.

  2. Make this an “Opt-in” feature. Creatives who opt in participate in this feature will be able to see the top keywords liked by the CH. Their own names will also be included in this analysis, and the top keywords may be shown to others.

  3. Do not add this option.

We will only add this feature if most creatives find it helpful. Please share your feedback and we will proceed accordingly.


Hi @grant, I’m on board for this feature. Either #1 or #2 are fine for me :+1:

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This feature isn’t super relevant for me at this point. I think though it can be kind of unfair to creatives who recognized a keyword a CH likes, probably after some trial and error, to then have dozens of other users reap the benefits of their work by getting the intel and then flooding the CH with entries using that word. I’m also not sure it’s in the best interest of CHs to have the search narrowed down when they might be interested in seeing more options besides that keyword in dozens or hundreds of variations suggested by a ton of users. Just my 2c’s worth.

I’d like to use this opportunity to raise a bigger issue about suggesting marketplace domains to contests and it’s the same issue as it’s always been- there’s no indication whatsoever if a CH is really open to buying a marketplace domain or not. Or what’s the budget they might entertain, if they could be open to buying one. I understand that sometimes only after suggesting a name/domain a CH might fall in love with it and be willing to buy it even if he/she didn’t initially plan to buy a domain, but the current system where people are just blindly submitting marketplace domains to contests (including $100 ones), with price tags ranging from thousands to tens of thousand of dollars, just seems very problematic when in most cases businesses don’t have the budget for such an expense and didn’t come to SH in order to buy a domain for $XXXX-$XX,XXX. Sales can happen and are happening as a result of these random submissions but in general and in most cases it seems to me like submitting many domains that won’t be considered because of lack of preliminary information wastes creatives time and also wastes CHs time having to look at them. I’m sure there’s a a better way to do this and I hope you guys can figure out the solution. Thanks as always for the consideration.


From a personal point of view, I’d love to have that function.

From a CH’s perspective, I’m not sure it’s a good idea. They may initially like the word Heal, but after receiving 100s of names with Heal in it, it’s likely to put them off. I’m also concerned that the CHs won’t feel like they are getting a diverse set of names to choose from.

I’d also be really pee’d off if I had worked with the CH and realized they loved the word Heal and all of the other creatives got that information off of my hard work, I’d be even more pee’d off if they CH then chose another name with Heal in it.

I suppose then, that puts me in the camp of don’t have this option… but I’m genuinely not that bothered.

Thanks for asking.


I don’t feel strongly one way or another, but I agree with @AbleBrands, CHs will probably dislike this feature. They can already provide keywords in the brief, and when they do, they often remove them halfway though the contest bc they are tired of seeing the same word variations over and over.


I agree with @ALDaisy1 @AbleBrands and @moretal. We shouldn’t have this feature for the said reasons. Besides, what will happen to creativity. If creatives need guidance in the life of the contest, the CH can, as is the norm; provide via the public message board… including any key words he’d like used. My two cents


I agree with @AbleBrands, @ALDaisy1, @moretal and @Soni. CHs often get overwhelmed with one keyword and go off of it, leaving us to start over again. Let the CH give/take keywords as he sees fit.
Thanks for asking, though.


agreed with Able, just seems not fair for the hardwork creative, its competitive platform, let it be, and also indeed many of CH after provide the keyword by themselves, then became bored and not interested…
its like going to restaurant, yeah i like this dish, but if i eat this all the time then will be boreeed, need variation.


Yeah should include budget incase they open for premium domains.

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I vote no- it will cause a flux of entries only containing those words.


No. Sounds good at first, but when you think about it there are more cons than pros. Both for chs and creatives.


I will not be categorical and I will not say no immediately. Now Squadhep is not only a competitive platform, but also a big player in the domain market. Therefore, this feature will be very useful for SH marketplace domains.


The cons mentioned above are pretty valid concerns - but maybe the optimist in me would like to try it for maybe a trial period to get creative and ch feedback after using it. I do think as @Edukar said, It would be useful for Marketplace domains.


It’s a no from me for the reasons already given by the above creatives. I really think more effort should be focused on getting CHs to communicate with creatives and help themselves a bit better. SH messages end up in CHs junk folders (as they do for me), meaning that great clarifying questions by creatives never get answers. There needs to be pop ups ON the platform prompting CHs to answer questions or give better direction. Too often CHs haven’t selected any “love its” and yet they have fields that have not been completed, questions that haven’t been answered and entries not rated. Clearly more direction is needed from SH that is obvious and intuitive / efficient to use other than email.