Kelkats random thoughts

I just wanted to say how much I appreciate SH and the friends that I have made. Lately I have not had time to check forums, check winners or even my own scores half the time. My mom brother and sister are in the hospital, so its been very crazy. But when I need a mental break I come on here, and everyone is so kind and creative, and it is a great escape at times:) The point of this is, I havent participated in much extra on SH, just due to time, not lack of caring. And I havent taken the time to Congratulate all the winners as of late! A special shout out to Jackie, seezall, luckyduck and songslurp, tyvm for taking me under your wing at one time or another:) Just ty everyone, congrats on your wonderful wins and gl!:slight_smile: And we are hoping the fam comes home soon:)


I am so sorry K, I hope they will be ok and home soon !


Prayers Kelkat and may your family come home soon and well !

Tyvm, very sweet!:slight_smile: I appreciate it very much:) Improving everyday, very hopeful!:)) Gl to you both and thx again !

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Kel !!! wishing you all the best . when you say you’ve been busy and win 5 and now trending like you have been , Congrats ) and save me some crumbs)

Sorry to hear Kel…good healing thoughts coming your way!

Great news! Just found out brothers kidneys came back! Docs said they wouldn’t, but they sure did! Now he might get the chemo, before it wasnt an option.
So whatever your doing my friends, please keep it up!! The wishes are so kind and mean alot to us!:slight_smile:
And Seezall, you should talk:)- For one, you are always tops:) And I think you should recieve a plaque from SH for being a pioneer! You are always involved and working to make things better and I really appreciate that!:slight_smile:
Thanks for smiles and support, you guys are the best! gl all !


That is great news Kel, I hope it only continues to get better :sunflower:

Fantastic news!! Healing thoughts to your family!!


Lots of well wishes …Kel, Hope they feel better and come home soon.