Just wondering about open contests

are they not offered any more ? I would think that the naming contests without a domain would be ok for open contests, since nothing could be bought .There seem to be a lot that dont require a domain at the moment

I for one Jose do sometimes submit 5-7 letter words that are available as a domain even though its not required . I am happy with private )

I see some of the contests more like brain storming sessions since often the name could literally be anything- we are just throwing darts sometimes

I too sometimes give them a domain even when they dont want one lol- I think its more likely they can use the name if it has a free dot com also

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the odd contest would be ok just for the fun factor of seeing the horrific names the chs have to deal with lol

We don’t offer open (public) naming contests any more in order to protect the ideas of contestants.


ok that explains why I havent seen any lol They were good for a laugh though