Just wondering about flagging

if you are flagged and its found it wasnt a flagging offense- does the the flagger get flagged as a serial flagger.

I feel like some people are jumping on anything just to get ahead of the game


is there a counter for how many times you have flagged anyone , if not can we introduce it

this is the contest - before I spoke there were no 3 0r 4 ratings and three 5s, the rest were 2s

I rest my case lets see what actually wins :wink:

@Jose, seeing you stride against the waves of luck lately, there wont be many people on this site, apart from my humble self, that would have a material need to get ahead of you in the game :slight_smile:

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Isn’t it just SH removing these comments because they challenge the CH?

no it was flagged and they looked into it - there are other people that dont get flagged for the same offense or worse though


sometimes you have to mention the dreaded R word because people have no idea about it


In an ideal world, what’s good for the goose should be good for the gander too :slight_smile:

heres another ch thats not getting names they want but seems to have no idea there is a comments section

@Jose. I would send this private, but SH has me blocked from sending you messages? Kinda funny when you think about it, I have the ever so coveted “Communicator” badge, yet SH has parental controls on me! Anyhow, you and I did have a tiff in the past, but I long ago chalked that up to “my learning how to communicate in a cyber community” (this is my first go round), and the possibility that we are each very passionate sorts. Just wanted you to know that I am not a flagger of anyone…



This contest has received several private messages from different contestants, all questioning the contest holder why they received low ratings or why their ratings were downgraded. Some of them directly calling their judgement in question. Even if this contest doesn’t get abandoned, it is very likely that the CH will not think about launching another contest on SH.

While some of the comments are flagged by other users, Squadhelp team also monitors the comments and flags them if they are found to be in violation - this is especially the case for private comments which are not visible to other contestants and can only be flagged by Squadhelp or CH.

We have been very clear about messaging policy and guidelines, and we have shared our rationale for these guidelines multiple times in this forum as well. Choice of a rating is entirely upto contest holder. If they do not like certain names, they are not doing anything wrong by giving them low ratings. Some CHs use the 2 star ratings to hide the names that are no longer in their shortlist. Doesn’t mean those names are bad - just not what the CH is looking for. Contestants are not penalized for receiving 2 star rating.

We can no longer take a casual approach in this area, and will be strict about taking action when we find a violation of our policy.


@CherryPopNames, I looked into your account and we do not have any such restrictions on your account. The choice to receive private messages is up to the users. There is a checkbox in My Account/ Notifications section which allows users to set their preference, whether or not they want to receive private messages.

Thank Goodness, I was about to enroll in a “finishing school”. Really, I had a spoiled little cousin who was sent off to such a place! Here I go again, offending those who embrace such refinement…Dan, I hope you know my comments are all in good fun. Sometimes I think I should be parentally blocked. Today was the first time I tried to private message a particular user and found out I could not do so. Now I know how it works.

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I am not to know about private messages …if it was all public we would know whether the ch had been contacted numerous times about the same issue :wink:

were the private messagers scolded as well

when I ran a contest on prizes.org I actually got a death threat from a contestant, so personally I think all contact should be public- I didnt ask for my money back though :wink:

@Jose, I am a bit confused because your comment for the contest you referenced above was actually private.

@Jose just never ever in any circumstances mention the R word. It seems to be way worse than the F word here :smiley:

I meant private messages to a ch shouldnt really be allowed


I wondered why I never get any messages lol

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Yeah, I mean this keeps coming up. Dan you have mentioned a few times about the bullying of CH’s through private messaging. If contestants couldn’t have first point of contact (only open the private messaging as a means of communication if the CH contacts a contestant first), I think that would eliminate the CH getting multiple messages from people who clearly can’t control their emotion over a rating. We all know (well I guess the contestants who read the guidelines/forum),that SH has put so many new reminders on how to rate; that a CH can rate the way they want, and everytime you enter a competition you risk getting a low rating. But I mean come on, it’s not like it really has a huge impact on your points, unless maybe you are only receiving low ratings…?

Although it has nothing to do with SH, getting a death threat online is ridiculous! People can be so silly online!