Just some fun trivia

I don’t know what made me think of it this morning…but my sister entered a national contest in 1988 to name the “California Raisins”. She actually won $10,000 for her winning name!

So I guess the urge to name products/companies must run in our family. (Although I’ve never won anything close to $10,000…lol!) I better hope she doesn’t ever decide to join SH and compete against me. ha!


I thought trivia/riddle like you come to a fork in the road and the man standing there is either a hundred percent compulsive liar or 100% truth teller what question do you ask him so you know which way to go?

Trivia:Unimportant or inconsequential info about people,events etc. Miscellaneous facts.

The story I shared won’t rock anyone’s world (except it did my sisters…lol!) but still it’s sometimes interesting to hear about real people who win big contests…that it can be done.You wonder sometimes.

It actually was pretty exciting.
If you look up facts about the California Raisins…the name she came up with is listed as one of the winners (There were 3, as there were 3 raisins.) Hers was “Ben Indasun”. I still have the newspaper article somewhere.She was a local celebrity for about 5 minutes! :0)

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Wow Holly, that would be exciting to win that much for just having a little fun. Speaking of trivia, I was curious about how the name “Terribles” got to be. It is a gas station/store/casino in Nevada. I never did find out why they came up with the name but I wonder how many CH would like that concept for the name of their business. “Awfuls Attorney Firm”, etc. might go over big?


Ben Indasun…that is too funny, very witty. Holly, please do not let your sister join SH. I haven’t been winning as it is, with the two of you omg, I’d have to just give it up . Then what would the scoopers do??


Haha,Lorin! You crack me up! I literally laughed out loud at your post. :0)

I already told my sister she better leave SH to me, as it would make it too hard to compete with her,and bruise my fragile ego! (She doesn’t have the time anyway,thank heavens.)

I have a hard enough time trying to compete with all you creatives with your wonderful ideas and submissions. Truth!

Best of luck to everyone…you are really a great bunch of co-creatives!


Ditto what Lorin said. Tell your sister to stay indesun😎