Just Curious - Has This Been Done Yet?

We plan to make following changes to the system:

Creatives will no longer be able to send a **private message** to the CH if the CH currently has an active contest.
Once the contest is complete, the creatives will be able to send a PM to the CH, (for example, thank you note etc).
The CH will be able to send a message to any creative at any time.
The entry comments will work like before. Creatives will have the ability to add comments to their entries at the time of submission as well as any time after the submission

Yes really don’t see a need for it!, and it takes out any questions that some creatives with high PM counts are fishing for info, which we don’t know, all we see are a lot of PM’s , and most of us would “assume” that is whats happening.,
For those that do use it to say a thank you, to the CH when selected as a winner, A link could come with the winner notifiation and link that says send a thank you!!!


That is a GREAT idea, Seezall! A separate thank-you link! :blush: