Just a reminder

Creatives…please be careful about what you comment to the CH’s.I have seen some things come up that are skirting the rules at the very least, if not violating them. Check with the team or Dan if you are unsure as to what it is ok to say.

Not only can some of these comments turn the CH off and cause them to complain and potentially abandon the contest (yes…to you newbies if you’re wondering,it has happened before…) but it makes it hard for everyone if a CH is alienated by what a creative says.

For those who may not know…you’re not supposed to comment on or challenge a rating AT ALL.That includes saying well, I used the word you suggested and you rejected everything I entered,or obviously we’re not giving you anything you want… etc.Or speaking to them disrespectfully.Again…read the rules or check with Dan if you are unclear.

Also…using the message feature is to ask general questions to clarify the contest…i.e. Do you really want a one word tagline? Do you want a professional,quirky,or modern, tone of name?Are misspellings ok? etc

It is not to ask the CH to look at your entries, or give you any kind of preferential treatment.

Let’s all try to get everything on the square,as it makes it better for creatives and CH’s both.Thanks guys!


Very Well Said, Holly


I agree. I’ve also seen some comments recently that left me speechless. Keep in mind how easily written words can be misconstrued. Also, check the messages before you post. The answer you seek might be there. There is no need for more than one creative to ask for ratings or word limits.


I did remind a CH to not use a creative’s name in their messages, as they were looking for that name and it couldn’t find it and wondered if it had been removed and was asking the creative to resubmit it. I explained to the CH that they might find that someone else would submit that now and it not be the original creative that had submitted it to begin with. I had hoped I caught it in time before someone else saw the name and submitted it. I wasn’t going to, because I knew that wasn’t my work and it was an unfair advantage. I hope it was okay to do that???


I saw your that, and there was nothing wrong with your comment, You came across as very congenial and helpful, Just continue to be you! A sweet and caring person!

Then there was another comment, that was fortunately erased, which was just horrible. I hope it didn’t scare that CH away. It sounded like she had a small pool she was picking from. I hope others didn’t swipe that name either…


What you did Brenda ,was totally appropriate.I think sometimes the CH has skimmed over the rules and doesn’t realize the impact of doing that.Often when I see that a CH has exposed a name, I notify the team asap,and they are good with removing it.The downside with when a CH does that though, is that everybody who is in the email loop already has gotten it in an email.But I would like to think that no one here would take unfair advantage.
I have had two contests I lost from a CH exposing my name, and asking other people to work off my idea.I let the first one go,even though I was upset…but the second time I spoke up, and SH was fair and split the award with me.So it can have some pretty unfair results for the submitting creative whenever it is done.

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I fer sure agree with HollyGirl. I saw a comment last week to which my eyebrows said “Whoa!”