Just a piece of trivia

For those of you who may be wondering about my winning name in the tailored clothing contest…“Suo”…you may say “Ok…now I get it”,…if you learn that suo is an infinitive of suere, which means “sew or stitch” in Latin. Tailoring…sewing/stitching… bingo!

So yes,there is method in my madness! :0)


Thanks for explaining! I wish more people would do that :slight_smile: very creative!


thanks , I saw the name & was wandering what it meant .


I’m glad you explained that Holly, I thought you had gone off your rocker, and the CH with you :wink:

How’s the singing competition going?

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Lol! I know I look at some people’s names and don’t get them at all…so I thought I would explain so you guys wouldn’t think, what kind of name is that? :0) It actually kinda makes sense!

I unfortunately caught a bad cold this last week, and have a bad earache at present,so probably will be popping into the doctor today to see if it’s an infection. Rats!
I leave this weekend for the Nationals…so it has me a little worried…as I need to be at the top of my game, as this contest is so intense and very competitive…(it’s a week long competition) and it’s the top people from across the USA. (Well, actually, it’s getting to be more international…we have people from Canada, Finland, New Zealand, etc competing too.)

So I am hoping for the best. If the cold stays in my head, even though I don’t feel well, I can probably sing around it…just hoping it doesn’t travel to my throat or lungs.

Great timing,huh? I have a few more days to get over it though…so hopefully it will all work out.I’m trying to think positively!

I’m looking forward to this competition though…feeling excited and nervous both! I met some really great people last year when I competed.
I backed up some of my songs with alternatives that aren’t quite as challenging just in case my cold doesn’t get better…but I am going to swing for the fences,and try my best.

Thanks for asking! I’ll let you know how it all turns out… :0)


Good Luck, @Hollygirl! Let us know how it goes!

Thank you so much for sharing. I use Google translater a lot but I never really understand why it gives so many different words for one meaning, ie; suo - stitch, sew, join, tack.
How did you know suo was an infinitive of the word suere - sutured?
Thanks again and much appreciated.