Just a friendly reminder


thanks guys, does anyone know if I can report a domain registration beyond thirty days on my own?


@jackie I found I had to scroll through them all before choosing that option as it would only pull out the taken domains that I had scrolled through first and I was missing a lot of them. Maybe this has changed now???


I think you are right…it only covers what shows …so you do have to scroll to “catch” others


If you have any questions about a domain registration or concern and it is after the thirty days (or before) you can always contact SH with the blue button in the bottom right-hand corner and they will help you. They get back to you very quickly.


@KwaziMoto No. You do not have a choice if you entered it into the contest.You automatically agree to transfer the domain at the bonus/contest price offered.


Wow I kinda disappeared for a bit after some slight frustrations. I needed a break. Today marks finding numero 3. There is one I was particularly upset about. Moreso that it seems the dates coincide waaay too much. Looking up regis date and its only a day or so after name submission. Yeah, I am still upset. Especially since some contests are held by someone working for another so of course the registration data will not match. Of course, I am gonna cut my losses and move on. Not sure if I will take off some more time for awhile or come on every so often. Anyways, I hope everyone has a great evening or day (wherever you are located). :slight_smile:


sorry that happened to you