Just a friendly reminder

No references here, but maybe once a week check all your domains for registration by using the filter. It is very disheartening to see this happening.


Great tip NameCreation! And after filtering…I’m bummed. At least now, I see all my registered ideas in one place. I began making a list because I was losing more and more genius entries. Guess I’m not the only genius with my idea! :disappointed: #doh
Great Minds Think Alike… now that’s better.


Thank you for your kind reminder @NameCreation . :slight_smile:


Secondary reminder, if you’ve taken part of Instant Domains, check to make sure some of your registrations aren’t ‘false-positives’ because SH has purchased them for IDs. I reported one of my names here recently and then two days later it shows that it was made an instant domain … so I guess the system can’t distinguish the two (which is fine) we just need to watch out for that and keep it in the back of your mind!

You can select the drop-down to organize any and all pending or accepted ID names in your entries page.


Report and let go… it is VERY hard to do…but that is my advice.


Girls, what the filter is? Sometimes i see my domains are registered only if i try to submit them but not when i check them in My Entries board. So, i suppose there are much more registrations than i realize…

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Me personally can’t keep up with all that ID/ registration. I’ve stopped submitting to ID as of getting last two "unfortunates":disappointed: the names I have reported registered are “private”.I will just keep naming and leave the issue@ :raised_hand:to the pro’s :grin:

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I just want to give a little encouragement. I have reported domains three times, and all three times I have either been given a bonus, awarded a split (with the old system) or declared a winner. In my time here, I have only known of 2 of my domains that were registered after contests ended, which I think is a pretty good record on Squadhelp’s part. So I feel this is a far superior site to any other naming site, because they do their very best to fight for us, imo.

Agreed! I commend the site for their sleuth tactics, willingness to help us and fairness to the namers. Recently I reported yet another registered domain, and luckily with the help of SH they said the CH had registered it ( after 30 days ). So the CH did reverse the registration. I didn’t receive a bonus but SH did investigate to the fullest and did all they could do to follow up and it’s sooo appreciated!

QUESTION: Has anyone registered their own domains? I’ve thought of doing this if the price is right, but I’m a newby when it comes to all of that. Any advice from anyone would be helpful! Is it worth it to buy your good idea entry names to prevent another one from being taken and used by someone else? Thanks in Advance!

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i have been even compensated once for my domain… and once CH registered my domain, gave me a bonus and then awarded someone else. but mostly all great efforts of SH team end in nothing…

Thanks for your feedback Vuriko!

Can I ask you about your domain? You have paid to register it, so it’s yours. Do you pay a yearly cost or any other additional costs in order to own that domain?

So, a CH liked your name, registered your domain and gave you a bonus for the name. But picked an entirely different entry and awarded them the prize? :disappointed_relieved: #BOoooooOOO
So in other words the CH now owns both domains?

I’m learning, thanks for your patience!

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Alphaomega808, i have just one domain in my property and don’t want sell it. For now…
As for that story, CH liked my submitted name (here, in a contest) and registered it and gave me a bonus for it (according with SH policy) and picked somebody’s else name. And he owns both domains now i suppose. It was at least fair.

Do you get a choice though? What if the name you came up with is way more than the bonus? Can you refuse if the CH doesn’t make you a winner?

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They just registered it and payed 50 USD as a bonus. Of course the name costs more. But i suppose we can’t do anything in this case.

Now the bonus is $ 100

Most names most of us come up with are worth more than we’re even getting from contests if we win, let alone if it’s only a bonus. That’s the nature of this, though. I think you’ve brought up a good question, though, I think in the case of bonuses, you should have a right to say no.


hi everyone I have to admit to being confused, can you tell me how to check? I did see a button at one time and check marks next to stuff, but confess to not having a clue…thanks

One way you can check all of your entries is to click on your username in the top right-hand corner (beside the bell). Click on “My Entries” on the scroll down menu. This will take you to your entries page. On the top of the page, there is a box you click that says “Submitted less than 30 days ago” then hit the button to the right of that with the green check mark that says “check domain availability”. Then you have to scroll down the page through all of your entries. Your entries that have registered domain names will have a red circle with a line through. You can then report these to SH by clicking on the orange “report domain registration”. This is one way to check. You can also go to each contest and check your entries as well. I hope this helps a little bit :slight_smile:


There is also a drop-down on that same page that says “domain availability”—you can choose to only see the “taken” ones instead of scrolling