January Marketplace renewals gone caflewy-please report them


Friends, I have recently discovered that all of my January, SH owned, renewals have gone caflewy. I have reported mine, but PLEASE report yours if you have the same problem (outlined below).

I HAD a list of pending renewal offers (the list has now disappeared). When I go to names that are renewing in January and click on them, I am NOT given the option to have SH renew them OR I am not even being given the link to choose my renewal option.

I HAD my account set so that I would pay for all renewals but I was over-riding some because of huge hits in commissions. So after I discovered, I changed my global preference to SH renews. But I discovered the problem above before I did that.

If you have also found this issue, can you post it here, too? I am really concerned that my names won’t get renewed the way I need them to be renewed. Grant said in another string that SH would renew names for 3 years… mine are only a year old.


This is now fixed! Thank you SH!