Ive noticed Ive been getting ratings on rated names

the rating is the same (ie bad lol) but weeks apart -does it count it is two bad ratings or just the one .Seems quite odd - I also often get up to five ratings for the same name in a row- which one counts the last one ? It usually starts at 4 but ends up being a two lol

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@Jose, in calculating the high rating %, the system calculates a percentage of all high ratings, vs the total number of entries that were rated. We don’t count bad ratings , instead we count good ratings to calculate this percentage.

To illustrate this with an example, lets say you submitted a total of 100 entries and all of them were rated by CH.

You received 15 high ratings, and 85 other ratings (1 star, 2 star or 3 star). Now the CH changes one of the 4 star entries to 2 stars.

In this case, your percentage of high rated entries will continue to be 15% (15/100). Once you receive a high rating, it gets counted in the high rated calculation even if it later gets changed to a low rating.

In case of points, we credit back the points from the previous rating, and add back the points for the new rating so the net result is that the points will correspond to the most recent rating you received for that entry.

Hope that helps.

oh ok - but is there a problem with chs rating from a mobile device - sometimes I get five ratings for the same name all with the same time stamp, or I get 4,4,3,2 for the same name all with a few seconds, they cant change their mind that quick can they lol

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We will look into the mobile device issue. If you have an example of an entry where you received 4 or 5 ratings within few seconds, please PM that to me. I will forward to the team for investigation.

sorry there is no way to scroll back further than a couple of days - Iit was sometime last week when it happened on a few contests I think