Issue with Logo / Business card Previews

Hey SH! I posted about it previously in the maintenance thread but hadn’t seen a response. Any chance you can let us know what’s going on with the logo previews? If the CH is seeing it the wayI am then it really is not easy on the eyes. I wasn’t sure if I missed a change in dimensions, I know when uploading it states files up to 2048 x 8192 px - that’s huge, definitely don’t want to design at those dimensions :slight_smile:

When reviewing a submitted logo entry it appears offset and there is 1-2 inches of white-space on one side. When previewing a business card entry the horizontal bar that pops up could easily feature 4 business card previews.

Thanks so much


We are looking into this issue. When a CH looks at the Logo, they appear in their original aspect ratio without any distortion but we will work on removing the whitespace.

@Dan Thank you so much for the reply, that is great news. . My biggest concern was how they were appearing to the CH. If the CH see’s it right then it is all good to me.
Have a great night and thanks again!

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