Is Tier1 contests locked

I saw similar post ,asking if Tier1 Contests are hid ? What keeps anyone from clicking on a contest and entering a name. That question was not answered, I feel I can’t keep from telling SH this. There are 8 people, in about 200 that do not meet the 4 standards that are posted. 3 of those are newbies, this being their first contest. I speaking of the Health related one with the BIG award. I would like to think in all fairness this is rare. Most have 0 percent rating from SH.what should I do with this information?


So I’ve now gone into 3 different “Tier A” contests where the single shortlisted creative is not a Tier A creative.

From my understanding, if they win, they must forfeit the prize and there may be further repercussions.

The SquadHelp team is looking into this further- as one of the contests has at least 6 non Tier A participants.

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Take a look at the screenshot. Nothing unusual. Squadhelp allows limited participation…


Based on the above, there isn’t supposed to be ANY forfeitures or repercussions!

If Squadhelp doesn’t want non-tier 1 creatives participating in such contests, then best is to design the system to block such entries.


What do you mean by limited participation?

I assume that means only a “limited” number of entries are allowed.

What is says is that you “can only submit premium domain names that you are selling in the Squadhelp Domain Marketplace”

*Limited access=limited participation. One of its meanings can be seen from screenshot I attached to the post you quoted.
There are others.

And after entering into such contests, and then you get a like/love, you get more opportunity to add more enteries as determined by the system.

And when you take a look at the important notes at the point of submission, it’s worded this way:

“Based upon your percentile score (xyz%) and ratings in this contest, you are allowed to submit xyz entries in this contest.”

No specifics on the ‘type’ of enteries (i.e premium/non premium).

The creative is left to interpret…

And if the system allows it, then nothing to cry about.

Where there is no law there is no offense

The non tier A has 350 entries in one Tier A contest. That was more so my confusion.

What is stopping someone from submitting the whole marketplace if that’s the case?