Is this site a scam? Poor help communication


I am really worried this site is a scam to receive our personal information via W-9 tax forms.

I won a contest on this site two weeks ago for $150 and requested my payment. I then sent over my W9 tax form as required via email. I have received no follow up email or transfer of $135 in winnings to my Paypal account.

Also I won a second contest for $45 and it doesn’t show up on my transactions but does show up on my won contests. It was guaranteed.

Does this site let you win, have you submit very important personal information and that’s it? I enjoy this site and the fact that I won two contests but the fact that I have not been replied to about my winnings or had a transfer and my second contest win doesn’t show in my possible transactions has me worried.


Jerrad maybe being in England there is a delay but I can assure you SH is no scam, as I have won 5 contests and have gotten paid on everything, Maybe some other foreign or out of the states users can shed some more light on this maybe @Jose can help!


I live in the United States.


I can tell you it’s no scam.
I can also tell you that if you already have one “payment request” pending and it wasn’t yet paid out, you cannot request a new payment request until that payment is released. Once your first payment is released, you can then request any new payment requests.


It will come" I remember my first payment turned out to be a little longer wait than the rest


Alright. I just don’t understand why they haven’t followed up on my emails. Hopefully they get in contact soon.


@Jerrad, sorry to hear that you have experienced a delay in your payout request. I have forwarded this to our support team and if you do not hear back from someone in next 24 hours, please post here and I will make sure it gets resolved immediately.


That’s great to hear @Dan I look forward to hearing back from you guys.


no its not a scam but they do check whether your ip and/or email address may be linked to a contest holder so they have to have time to check things out :wink:


Jerrad, I believe it takes a little longer for them to process the W9…once that part is done, your future wins should process easier…I have won 15 and have been paid on all of them and Jackie has won like a zillion so she knows!

BTW…did you notice my little ‘boost your confidence’ comment in “your future wins” lol…
Welcome to the team :smile:


Squadhelp is not a scam…My wife and I are the members of this site .This site is one of the most genuine sites I have ever seen.My wife has got almost $500 and they send us the money through Paypal to her bank account…Do not hesitate to join this site.Its fun and creative…


Hi jerrad I was worried too when I started. I can tell you it is not a scam. I believe the first payout takes a long time then after that it was pretty quick although now they want a 7 day time frame. Trust me if you won that quick here you are in a good place. On average people submit a few hundred entries before a win as competition is fierce. Are you using the blue button on the bottom? Usually they reply within minutes. Best customer and contestant helpyou will find anywhere. You are OK.


don t use email, use the blue conversation button on the page they get back to you almost immediately


@Slogana @Harvest not sure if you realize that your both replying to a post from sept 2015


actually I missed that it showed up at top of threads thanks


I realized it too after scrolling back a bit lol


Definitely not a scam, it is a very legit company. Use the blue button on the bottom right and follow up. They are excellent in regard to communication and follow up


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Maybe it is time to consider adding this feature since the problem of commenting on topics from several years ago seems to occur several times a month.