Is there a taboo on dot XYZ listings?

A well-known writer in our country said: If the stars sparkle in the sky, does it mean that someone needs it? I found that the domain zone dot XYZ was on the market and decided to buy several domains. NONE of over a dozen domains have been approved. I want to note that I registered real words. Dictiomary words are now worth its weight in gold. And for me it is a very strange position that these domains have not been approved for premium, as if there is an unspoken taboo on these domains. Friends, explain if anyone has domains with an extension XYZ and whether they have been approved in the usual way.


Can’t help you with the answer, dear colleague,
but thank you for a bit of Mayakovsky in my morning.


Were the domains ‘single word’ .xyz like House .xyz, Map .xyz, Creative .xyz ?

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Of course! So it made me angry. And when no domains were accepted, I wrote this post to find out which domain owners got approving for those domains.And is it possible in principle

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I’m not sure why they wouldn’t be. But I’m not really a domainer, I just play one on squadhelp. Lol G
oogle uses .xyz for “Alphabet”, so I don’t think it’s a taboo extension.


OK Lisa, that just made my day! - Thanks for the laugh :laughing:


I think the answer to your question can be found here:

It says, reviewers are presented with 4 random selections and can only select one (sometimes more than one).

If all of your xyz names were rejected, it is because each time your xyz name appeared with 3 other names randomly, most of the reviewers mostly chose another name. This could be because there were .com names that were better than yours. It could also mean that they were unable to choose your name over a .com name because they were only allowed to choose 1 and even though they may have chosen your name if presented with 4 .xyz names, they couldn’t if it was up against others.

I had a few .co names that were real words. They all got rejected initially. I waited and resubbed them later and got a few approved (you should do that later). The .com names always do better than any other extension, in my experience subbing names, and probably for good reason. This is all a process of elimination for SH to onboard the best names first.

Nobody ever knows who is submitting what else. Your names could have been up against other real single word .com names in those moments. So you never know when your names will stand out in a crowd of other names that aren’t as good…at that moment.

Bottom line: Names are not voted on individually up or down.


Thank you. I know how approval works. It is very important for me to hear that my real colleague has received approval with the XYZ listing. I just got the impression that the existing XYZ domains on the SH marketplace were taken in bulk from one large domainer. I would like to know responses from other domainers who were lucky enough to get approval for these domains.


It would be nice if we users could see “when” a domain was approved to the marketplace. You know what I mean? If only we all could see the approval dates of every name in the marketplace (but not end-user customers). We would know better what is going on.


It’s funny, yet true. All my domains are jointly owned with SH. Most are from back when the marketplace was new.
Remember when they used to contact us about putting an entry name in the marketplace? That’s how most of mine got in.


It’s very likely that they were not very strong, brandable one-word names.

If they were, they would likely have been accepted…

If they are truly strong, brandable one-word names and by some odd chance they were not accepted, that’s really not a problem anyway because these domains generally sell by themselves without the help of any marketplace.


So as an approve-r I have nothing against .xyz domains.

It comes down to what @Commulinks said. When a .xyz goes against 3 other domains, .com usually comes out on top (obviously they have to be reasonably better other than the extension.)

That being said I definitely have sent through at least 2 .xyz domains.

It just comes down to what it is up against. I would pick over,, (literally just made up examples.)

Does that make sense?


Thank you Litto, your words make sense to me. I would also choose instead of complex examples dot com. But you didn’t write if your xyz domains were approved? It is very important for me to know that these domains are really accepted on the SH market and there is no unofficial ban on them.


I see you. But if words as Stanch are rejected, someone inevitably think that either the experts have poor vision, or there are restrictions on XYZ listing acceptance. You are right, I can sell these domains anywhere. But I love Squadhelp. I work here. And I want to make a profit here too. If there are XYZ domains on the SH marketplace that means that I also have the right to get approval for my good XYZ domains.
I asked a simple question to my colleagues - any of you get approval for XYZ listings?

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This is not a strong, brandable name. The further away you go from .com, the stronger the name needs to be to have a good chance at selling. Of course this would be rejected.

You can see all the approved 1-word .xyz here:

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I don’t know where these names came from to the SH marketplace. I’m a scientist. I need statistics and accurate answers. Among the XYZ listed approved domains are there those that belong to you personally?


Hey, is anybody here? Is there someone who has premium XYZ domains? Please respond!

Personally (as probably most of us here, thus the lack of answer): No!
I didn’t even submit any.

You also have a pricing problem. Isn’t the pricing “floor” around $1700 or 1800 usually on the premium marketplace? (It pretty rare to see prices lower than that). A .xyz must already be pretty damn good to justify such a price tag.


I gave the shortest example. There are other really good names. And they were all rejected. But I doubt that you can reject a short dictionary word (albeit not in the com zone) and choose f.e. Bibopdelunaboogaboo dot com
I really want to hear a response from domainers with XYZ listings have been approved, so that I can believe that these domains have a really chance to be approved for premium

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I do have 1. 5 letters. Starting with A (sorry can’t type it in full).

It was accepted in September.

But other ones submitted were rejected.

The demand for .xyz is just starting to pick up.
.com is still the most preferred extension. And it makes sense for a brandable marketplace to focus on what people (businesses) want.

If more businesses and startups begin to adopt/use .xyz extension, I believe we’ll see more of them accepted in the premium marketplace.