Is the word count defaulted to One

there seem to be a lot of contests where the contest says one word but the ch doesnt actually want one

Its annoying to have to keep asking

I have actually asked in the ? section and was told it wasnt the default but there appears to be something wrong recently with so many


I know … @Dan can the default be removed and the CH actually have to choose a number before they can proceed. the 1 word is defaulting a lot more these days.


We have looked into this. The max number of words is not defaulted to one. If the CH does not select any value, it stays with our recommended default of 2 words. As we redesign our contest launch page, we will explore other ways of asking this question.

seems odd there has been a rash of people asking for one word that dont want one word - its almost like they dont want us to give them the name they are looking for lol

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It would seem to me more sensible to say “Not more than 2 words”, rather than “1 word only”.


well some do actually want one - but mostly not the ones that ask for one lol

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maybe we need categories for the number of words - I did suggest this ages ago

any number

this one asked for two which was difficult to comply with but I managed it - they ended up picking 4 , so why did I bother even trying for two
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Thanks for the suggestion. We will revise this in near future and implement a range along the lines you suggested.