Is the request payment button working

usually its already filled in with my details- it keeps going blank and I havent got an email saying I requested payment

I had to re-enter my PayPal ID when you “request payment” but then it went thru just fine…

dunno - still no e mail like usual and it goes back to blank again

still not sure…

@Jose, can you send an email to and include your PayPal ID? We will get this sorted

just got the email now dated 3rd december

SH is new for me. So forgive my foolishness and please try to answer.
I am getting addicted to it and find it very easy to use.

Recently, when I won contest and tried to withdraw through PayPal nothing happened.
I kept on waiting, checked my PayPal - there was no activity.

Then when I contacted support I was told to submit w8 ben form or something like that.

I believe there must be some message flashing …sorry, you cant withdraw funds since you haven’t submitted your w8 ben form. Or something like that.

Just my 5 cents.