Is the Active Contest search working for you?

I have found an issue that appears (for me at least) on the Active Contests listing page. I have blue buttoned this to SH but would like to know if anyone else is finding this. If I search for Active Contests (using any filters like award amount etc) the page shows a number of returned results but the actual number I can see (and count) on that page is way less. If the results returned are (example) 26, I will likely only see 14 actual results. I have tried this with or without filters, Active or Pending contests, and I get the same. Actual results on the page are way less that the returned number shows. There is no option at the bottom to go to second page, so I don’t know where those results can be accessed. It doesn’t seem to be a browser issue as I get the same on Safari and Chrome, and on my computer and (up to date) iPad.

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Me too! Don’t worry!

Thank you! Good to know I’m not imagining this!

Got the same issue, with only 8 contests displayed!

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Yes, I blue-buttoned this as well…I had entered an Active Contest and when I looked back at all the contests, this specific contest had disappeared. I could only see it when I checked-off the button “Participated by Me”.