Is "My Referrals" new?

I just noticed the “My referrals” link. How long has that been there? I’ve never noticed it. I think it’s super cool tho! But what exactly is “total visits” a tally of? Is it people clicking your link (including yourself) or what? I’m confused because the first time I visited “my referrals” which was like 30 mins ago it was at 0, now it’s at 19. I’m not quite sure what it’s counting and inquiring minds want to know :wink:

Actually, now that I think about it, I thinks it’s always been there but looks different now???


No it’s not new. You can post your link on social media and if someone uses your link to start a contest then you get a finders fee.

Yeah that’s pretty neat. Funny I never realized that before lol

But what exactly is it taking a tally of in regards to "total visits? I Figured it was how many times someone clicked on your link but I don’t understand how it’s been here all this time, I guess, and it’s always been at 0 and the day I take interest in it, it starts keeping tally. I know it showed some views before I ever posted the link anywhere. That’s why I thought maybe it’s counts when I click on the “my referrals” link…which doesn’t even make sense.

Okay so I’m convinced this thing isn’t keeping a proper tally of “total visits” if in fact it’s supposed to be people clicking on the link I post.

First of all, like I said before, it showed I had views before I ever posted the link anywhere. I know this because I copied the link then clicked the facebook icon, it then redirected me to post on facebook and I changed my mind and came back to the “my Referrals” screen and all of a sudden I had views. Plus, I’ve noticed it goes up 5 visits the moment I post the link somewhere, EVERY TIME.

I know this isn’t of any importance but I can’t help but feel like it’s primed to do that so we get excited and think we’re getting all kinds of views. Ya know…to motivate us to post the link more.

Honestly, I don’t care either way other than the fact I have a personality that forces me to lol

So if anyone can explain this to me I could find something else to obsess about :wink:

@Chasity2ku, the visits counter gets updated every time someone clicks on your link. This can also include your own clicks (if you click the URL or type it in a browser). It can also include any visits from Bots such as Facebook which automatically “fetch” the page information when you try to post the link on Facebook. Unfortunately we do not have the ability to differentiate who visited that page, its just a summary of all total visits to that URL. We do not “prime” this information in any way.

We will look into this further to make sure that there is no other issue.

Oh the fetch thing makes sense but not sure why it’s fetching it 5 times every time. I’m sure there’s an explanation for that but I’m satisfied with the scenarios you gave. Thank you for the response :blush: case closed lol

Actually, @dan are we able to know who our referred people are. I have referred someone just wanting to know who they are so I know if I’m a chance of getting any referral bonuses

Any answer on this? (20 Charcters)

@Skevans, sorry I missed your question. Unfortunately we do not provide the details of people who are clicking on your link. Our system tracks the people who are referred on the basis of a cookie, so when they launch a contest, we can check if they were referred by someone. If they launch a contest, you will get notified immediately and the referral award would be deposited to your account automatically.

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