Is it me, or have we gone from

more contests than we can cope with to hardly any in the last 10 days.

What’s happening SH? We love it when we can’t cope with the work!


Maybe it’s the holiday season. It has been a little slow, not just with new contests, but also ratings and winner selections.


I haven’t noticed it slowing down so much but I’ve been playing catch up a lot this month due to other things.

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As to me I’m very busy in real life, so I often ignore 100$ contests

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I think it’s likely a slowdown due to the Thanksgiving holiday in America.I am actually a little relieved as I have been so woefully behind…it gave me a chance to sort of catch up on a few. Not that overall it’s helped that much…but if you don’t throw your hat in the ring…then you don’t win for sure! It’s my anniversary weekend with my hubby…so we are on a weekend getaway…so not missing tons of contest is fine with me! :0)


I just did a check of two competitors; one of those had 1 assured naming contest and the other website had no contests at all and only 2 in the voting phase. So I am guessing that it’s just the typical holiday slowdown.