Is it just me, or ....?


Here’s a question for the class, especially for those Creatives who’ve racked up a boatload of wins over time: Does there seem to be any rhyme or reason to the names CHs end up choosing? For example, it seems logical to incorporate, even vaguely, what a CH’s business or industry does in a creative, interesting way, which at least to me would benefit a CH in terms of SEO, what the CH has outlined in their brief, etcetcetc. And many CH’s choose winning names on this sort of logic. But many also choose names or list “names we like” in the CH brief that make ya go “Whaaaa?” no matter how reasonably and sensibly creative you’ve been.

So — my question for the class is this: When your best reasonable entries have been No Thank-ed, do you just SMH and start tossing out a few biazarre entries just to see if those will fly? Or does you just start off with the bizarre ones that serve little other purpose than “well, it just sounds good”?

I know there’s no accounting for other peoples’ taste and it’s always a crapshoot, but sometimes jeez o’ Pete.

Just wondering if anyone else wonders this, or has altered your approach to naming because of this, and has it helped your cause any?


I pay the most attention to avoiding words the CH definitely doesn’t want to include. Then I submit a few entries in different styles to test the waters. My advice is to never submit a name that you could not justify suggesting if asked.