Is it just me, or ... (client names)


Maybe I’m just venting here, but is it me, or — even looking at names in past contests that clients have chosen — had there been a big trend for content clients looking for names like they’ve seen on TV that don’t even describe to consumers who they are or what or their products do, using likewise spellings? I understand and embrace names like Lyft for rideshares, but I sense a direction toward clients favoring nonsense names like Xyzal, Noom, Quora, etc. just because they’re trendy for some reason or just “sound good.” So … is it just me or what?


Quora makes complete sense. It’s derived from ‘Query/Question’.


I agree. I think its because the pool of ‘descriptive’ or ‘names hinting at’ is reducing all the time so abstract names are more popular now. At the the end of the day its all about a memorable nice sounding name that will be linked to the brand after time.