Is it just me? I have a picture of a guy

I’m wondering if it’s just me that has a picture of a guy under my entries? I thought it will go away, but it’s still there. Kinda creepy!

Sounds pretty strange… not happening to me. Is it an actual photo of a real person?

Yes, it’s under the entries that are liked or on the right track by the CH.

Check under you liked entries

You mean if you go to a contest and click on your Entries, it’s on that page somewhere? Or somewhere else? Cause I’m not seeing anything…

It’s under my entries. I’ve been using my iPhone to submit, since my laptop is not working properly. Once, I fix my laptop, I’ll see if it’s there.

What contest? I haven’t seen it yet

I checked a couple both on phone and laptop and nada, no creepy guy, thank heavens


I guess, no one sees this guy.

I dont see it, but he is one of our creatives…look at winners…Anther Research

That is a contestant - Amargaroh.

Maybe try logging off and closing out of your browser, then logging back in? Perhaps it’s just a glitch in your browser.

Ha ha, Vision. Well, I cleared my cache and my browser. So far, he hasn’t popped up. Let’s see how it goes.

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This happened to me before with a different person. I closed the browser and came back and it was gone.

I’ve got a new guy, after I closed my browser and cleaned my cache.

This one has a smiley face next to him swipe right

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There’s no right or left swipe. I want them gone. Ugh!

@miyvex58, we are looking into this. What kind of phone/ browser are you using?

IPhone5 Safari as a browser. My laptop is not working properly, so I’m using my iPhone instead. It just started today. I don’t know why it’s happening.

It’s in the Pet Photography contest under my entries giving me the eye.