Is it appropriate?

I see a fair number of Creatives asking a CH to alter a brief; open up to different urls, higher word or letter count. etc. But sometimes I feel the Creative is giving the CH a false impression. For instance, a 10 letter constraint can be very workable, but I see comments telling CHs this is “practically impossible”. I feel these comments may alienate the CH. Anyone have a different point of view? When is it appropriate to request a brief alteration, and when is it not?


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I think if it respectful, you can ask the CH to consider other alternatives.It all depends on the situation. If they want an under 10 letter exact match,relevant domain, with real English words only, but want a 5 or 6 letter word included, leaving you only 4-5 letters for the rest of the name…it may be unlikely,depending on the category.Many CH’s have unreasonable expectations (like exact match real word 4-5 letter domains) and we are kind if we let them know,as otherwise we are wasting our time and theirs. Now if someone says something more along the lines of, you are limiting us to 10 letters, yet I have a dynamite name that will be great for you that is 11 letters, or 12 letters etc so please change it to more…than that may be different,as that is more self serving and not trying to help the whole process. I think if a CH is unaware they are almost asking the impossible in some cases…they would appreciate the heads up.


To me, there’s a difference between trying to clear up a question I may have concerning the brief and instructing the CH how to write the brief.

There are many times I would like to type, a brief should actually be brief. A brief shouldn’t be a ten thousand word business plan or include any information which you don’t want to be considered for naming purposes. But I don’t. I don’t type these words because it isn’t my place to do so.

SH should be the ones instructing the CH how to write a proper brief. I should work with what the CH gives me. And if the CH wants a 7 letter word which begins with the letter A and ends with the letter S, so be it. I have the choice to just skip it and move on to the next brief which I do often.


I think these are good points… it’s just a fine line between helpful and bossy.


Sometimes people are giving the CH the wrong impression, I agree with that.

Recently, I asked SH if I could ask a CH in a public message if they would open up other domain extensions or premium domains because I had a name I really wanted to sub. SH told me that would not be appropriate so I didn’t ask. (Oh man, did I want to ask!!!) CHs may be missing out on some really great names, though, if they don’t think outside of the box of a .com. There are certain categories where a .com really isn’t “all that matters”.

I would say: Don’t ask for an increase on a 10 letter domain if it IS possible to come up with a name. Don’t tell CHs that 5 letter domains are “impossible” (they are not impossible, depending on what the CH put in the brief). REAL WORD domains ARE impossible but not on all extensions.

But it is true that sometimes people say something is practically impossible when other contestants have been able to make something possible… and the CH knows that so at minimum it is just showing the CH something you may not want to show him or her.

There are times, though, when it is actually impossible. I have equal concerns for CHs who ask for something that truly is impossible and expect the results and leave mad because they didn’t get that. I do think we need to “coach” them in these cases and a lot of people know when that is.

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What you said Clinks makes sense but I see creatives asking for additional details or suggestions for the CH as all of us collaborating with the CH in order to get the best possible name out there for them.


Yes, I do that myself! Especially when it’s clear that everyone is off track. I think additional details are OFTEN needed! I think that may be different than what @ALDaisy1 is talking about, though. She’s talking about times when a name is not impossible within the current brief, etc.

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Yes, I have asked for changes before because of a legitimate issue, but I have never told a CH what they want is impossible. I guess I don’t want someone speaking for all of us, and if you say something can’t be done because YOU can’t do it, that’s not really fair to Creatives who are willing to put in the work.


My ADD issue rears it’s head! Thanks CLinks, I was thinking Daisy was referring to all suggestions

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I agree, @ALDaisy1 to the extent that you first have to try and see if you can do it. I almost skipped a contest the other day because I thought it was impossible and ended up finding the possible. Also, if there are already likes and loves, then you know that it is possible, at least for some creatives, so it’s not worthwhile to ask because you’ll just show that you didn’t try.

When other creatives are able to do it, then asking just reflects on the person who asked, not on everyone, so you shouldn’t worry about that except when the contest just started!

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I still stand by that when CH’s have high and unreasonable expectations, there is nothing wrong with giving them a friendly heads up that it may be difficult if not impossible, so they can adjust their expectations. Many of them don’t realize that asking for a real word 5 letter exact match domain is not going to happen…so I think it is better to let them know not to have high expectations, then get angry and think we are incapable and failing them.


In most cases the 10 letter limit is the default which the CH didn’t bother to change, and they are open to longer names, and this is often necessary for the sake of coming up with the type of names which the CH likes or wants. If the CH is actually committed to a short domain name and aware of what types of names (Made up usually) they will get, don’t think there should be any other discussion.

Other than that, it is all subjective and depends on the particulars of the contest at hand. I feel it is alright for the creatives to make reasonable suggestions to the CH as long they are not too pushy; this is a collaborative process after all.


The problem is, we don’t know what ‘pushy’ is. We can’t say something and see a reaction from the CH. We have to type the words and even people who use English as their only language have a problem not coming across in an unintended way. To me, saying ‘only include information in your brief which you want us to consider’ is only logical and common sense, but I wouldn’t write that in the comment section, they should know this BEFORE they write the brief.

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I would be too afraid to ask the wrong thing so I would probably not ask anything .Which wouldnt help the contest holder at all.(not sure which is better, asking too much or not asking anything)

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