Is Badge Missing?

Hi. I was wondering if I would get the bonus badge since a client awarded me a bonus in this contest:

I have wanted a bonus badge for years and was happy about the possibility of finally getting one. Did I misjudge?

might take a few days to show up?

Also congrats on the bonus))

Thanks Seezall! The bonus was a nice surprise.


Yes as a creative its always nice to hear " I got a bonus" at least , rather names that go poof in the night.


There must be a hitch somewhere…as I never got my bonus badge either from like January.Janice is looking into it. It’s funny how those badges become a sense of pride, and you don’t want to miss out on any you earned.

Best of luck, and congrats!

Thanks Hollygirl. You’re right the badges do give a sense of pride. Even when I don’t win anything for so long the badge’s help remind me that I am not a complete failure at this. :blush:


Just cause I love it reposting this (pride comes from within)

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I had a suspicious feeling this was coming,Seez! ha!

Pride does come from within…but as humans,it is still nice to feel validated or get kudos now and then! :0)

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Lol! It’s true pride should come from within but it’s still nice to be validated and have something to look back on when you’ve lost confidence. This is funny though.

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I’m only funny twice if you didn’t hear it the first time)