Is anyone else surprised?

at how few actual winning domain names are bought.I went through a list of about 24 and found only 3 were registered, this doesnt seem a good ratio

A few of mine have been bought but the ratio isnt that good either- there must be something we are doing wrong


@Jose, Could the reason for the ratio in your case be explained by that your wins tended to be harvested mostly from non-url contests ? :wink:

@jose What Vision said, are all of them .com-only? Or a mix of mixed-domains, non-urls, and abandoned contests?

Would be very odd if all 24 contests in your sample were .com-only.

I am more surprised at how many of my low rated or overlooked names seem to be getting registered. Apparently I am not as bad a namer as my recent ratings and win record indicate.


my sample was .coms,.net,, and .ios

Im waiting for the first May sign up winner, we almost got there