Is anyone else struggling with contests lately?

Changed my mind about posting this…

I do. I know I’m not the only one…Congrats Amanda on your winning entry Viraphile. What a great name. Those the kind that really deserve to win.


Very frustrated it’s either nah or not rated no in between anymore. I did better my first month, I;m on my second month here and I am completely tanking. Anyone else feel it’s the new rating system?


I’m raising my hand, Holly

I’ve had a couple of good names, only to be passed over sniff


For me it’s “always a bridesmaid” period now, since I keep having my names among top rated, but someone else wins. Oh well, patience is a virtue they say…I believe sooner or later my time will come too. Hopefully sooner than later :wink:


@EliCreative, There comes a time (with hopes all but out for a bridal bouquet holding up to its verdant promise), when one should lean gradually on an idea of ‘‘spinsterhood’’ :slight_smile:

@Vision Well, at least I could still use my naming skills ;D


Thanks @firehawk828!!

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Funny to have replies to a post I withdrew,as I didn’t want to be too negative! I’m with you guys though. I’ve never had so many rejected names or unrated names in the almost 4 months I have been naming.It’s disheartening.

Also the trend is sometimes even if you get a good rating…often they use the nah button to sort entries for their convenience,not considering the impact on you. So you think you are ok and in the running, only to suddenly see your score turned into a great big nah,and see your percentages tumbling right before your eyes.Or they reject tons of names right out of the gate.There’s some contests that like 98% of names are rejected.

Sometimes they don’t rate at all when the contest is active and you can do something to improve your names…but tank you after it’s closed. Sigh!

@Eli…I rolled at your color book picture… too funny! Maybe you should make copies of that for all of us so we can practice our skills!

And @Amanda…you are on a roll…congrats!

@Crissy…I think the new system has a lot to do with it, as it’s too easy for the CH to reject names to sort as I said, and I think they don’t know it impacts us.Hopefully it will get better or they will tweak things.I think we are all feeling the sting. Hang in there!


@hollygirl Thanks for the support! I have decided to not submit as many names as I used to. I submit one extremely safe suitable name that is well within their guideline if they automatically nah it I don’t submit anymore. If they give it right direction then I feel a little more secure and give them all I got. Hopefully this will bring my % back up.


@hollygirl, you have brought up this issue in few different threads, and I would like to specifically address some of the points you bring up, that the new system is causing lot more rejection for your names, and therefore impacting your stats.

To look into this further, we analyzed all your submitted names as well as ratings you received before and after this change.

Your high rated % before this change was 26.7%. The new system was implemented on Jan 30. If we look at your submissions after Jan 30, your high rated % for that specific duration (between Jan 30 and Feb 8) has actually improved to 37%. Which means that your % of “rejected names” per contest used to be higher prior to this change.

Here is some data about your submissions:

Before January 30

  • Total Entries Rated: 2087
  • Entries that received Low Ratings (1 star or 2 star): 1528
  • Entries that received High Ratings: 559 (2087 - 1528)
  • High Rated Percentage: 26.8% (559/2087)

After January 30

  • Total Entries Rated: 264
  • Entries that received Low Ratings (Nah): 166
  • Entries that received High Ratings: 98 (264 - 166)
  • High Rated Percentage: 37% (98/264)

We made this change to the rating system to address the concerns that were earlier brought by several contestants, including yourself about the stress 1 star ratings were causing. We have also eliminated the punitive aspects of low ratings by eliminating negative points. In general, the new rating system is improving the stats for users, not making them worse. Hopefully this clarifies some of the concerns you have been raising.


Eli, I feel your pain. 2 of many contests that I’ve lost in the last week: One lost by 1 letter and the other by an Apostrophe…uggg sniff