IP tracing of new contestants

I don’t know how difficult this would be or whether it would be possible, but would there be anyway to trace the IP of new creatives against the IP of the CH of new contests.

So just say I create an account my IP is linked to the IP of any new contests for a period of 2 weeks. Soon as there is a match its flagged and monitored.

As a new legitiment contestant I personally wouldn’t have an issue with this because its maintaining the integrity of the contests.

However as I said earlier I don’t know how this would work or if it’s even possible. Just food for thought.

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@Skevans, we already do this, among few other checks. We don’t want to share all the checks we do in this public forum, because the information might be used by some users to potentially work around those checks. However, IP match is one of those checks, and our system automatically flags any IP matches between the CH and the winning contestant.

Well there you go! I’m well behind the times