Invitation Only Contests

We have made a change to Invitation Only Contests. These contests will now also be open to those users who have a high rated percentage of 40% or greater, and have been with SH for at least 1 month. Any users who have previously won a contest will continue to be able to participate in these contests.


Thanks @Dan . I better keep my percentage up !


Alas,but it’s not up to you to decide, Laura :wink:


I can always grovel for ratings :wink:

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How long after winning can you enter an invitation only contest? Can you start entering the same day as your first win? I still am unable to enter these comps, after a first win, so just want to know how I can enter from now on.


@SMJ110, The stats are updated on nightly basis so you should be able to enter them tomorrow. Let us know if you can’t enter them tomorrow and we will get this resolved right away.

@Dan, Hi Dan! Thanks for all the wonderful work y’all have done with SH. The functionality and incentives are much improved from when I originally enlisted years ago! Kudos!

On that note, I returned recently and just won my first contest!

  • How long should I wait before gaining access to Invitation Only contests?
  • Does this also give me permission to send private/public messages?

Thanks again!

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@RhubarbDwyer, welcome back! and congratulations on winning your first contest.

You should be able to participate in Invitation Only contests within 24 hours of winning your first contest. You should also be able to send public/private messages within the same timeframe.

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one again, if we get the rating “nah” (not rating at all contestants) Can we apply for the Best Entry Nomination?

@Faidzinn11, Although you can mark your “Nah” rated entry as Best Entry, there is a very small chance that it will be selected as a winner. The CH’s ratings play a significant role in case of unawarded contests - so if an entry was rejected by the CH, it is unlikely that we would select it as a winner, unless it is an exceptionally good entry. It is probably better to save your points in those situations, unless you really think you have a winner name that was rejected by CH in error.

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