Investigated for Winning?

I like to consider myself a pretty creative guy. Always fancied my naming abilities, especially when it comes to products and companies – albeit I’m usually joking, at least at first. I remember reading an article headline (probably clickbait, before I realized what that was) some years ago talking about the “real problem” that breweries are facing: running out of names for their beers. Seriously?! I wanted to tear my hair out, because that would be my DREAM job.

Let me guess: this sounds like YOU, too! And I’ll hazard to take a wild guess at another certainty: You thought “Huh, I wonder if I could get paid to come up with names!” and lo and behold, you signed up for Squadhelp. That’s precisely what I did, and I jumped in, though very conservatively, and just threw my hat into two rings (contests), to start. I felt good about 'em, and promptly got distracted by life. Admittedly, I also signed up for another naming contest site of which I’m sure many of you are also members and entered into a few on there, as well.

Imagine my delight waking up this past Monday to an email letting me know I’d won one of those contests. Of COURSE I was surprised- I had competed against 261 other people and won on one of my very first attempts. Turns out Squadhelp was surprised, as well. A little too surprised, as it turned out.

This evening, I received an email from Squadhelp letting me know my payment request had been denied, because of “suspicious activity” and that they requested I send a signed document stating that I had no further relationship with the business involved in the contest. I’ve told you everything there is to know: I’m creative, I signed up for Squadhelp, I submitted some ideas, I won for one of them.

This is one of those rare occasions where the fact that your blood ISN’T rushing faster than normal, you need to see a doctor. Am I literally the first one to have won a contest I entered on the first day of being a contributing member? Is coincidence – which, mind you, STILL wouldn’t directly tie me to the contest holder without some stretching of the imagination – a good enough cause, now, for a site to refuse to pay me what I’m rightfully due, per their terms of agreement?

I want you all to get real lawyerly, here, cause I sure as heck did in my response. Come at this with logic and evidence and objectivism and ask me any questions that might lead to a grounded and legitimate reason I’m being persecuted by a company I was pretty happy about, not even two hours ago.


Just as a friendly fyi…I know you are discouraged and upset…but it is wise not to post these things on the forum,but instead take it up with SH directly. We cannot get involved in this and need to stay neutral. Hope this works out for you!


Squaghelp actually investigate every winner so I understand.I think there were some factors that might have alerted them, such as not many if any have won a contest with a first entry and not been encouraged to enter another contest.Your winning name is still available.The ch bought a different name .
Of course these could all be coincidences .

I doubt they do, maybe they should, they should especially look at any messages going back and forth between winner and CH of EVERY contest. There is, after all, a lot of trust here that everything which we don’t see is actually on the up and up.

And as the OP mentioned, there are other sites that do this, and there is one site that I no longer participate in because I simply don’t trust that abandoned contests are decided honestly. I trust that SH decides abandoned contests honestly. And because of this, I can participate here more often.

I, personally, have no problem with any investigation they may want to undertake with any contest I win.

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I’m going to go out on a limb here because I feel it is valuable for a fellow creative to respond directly to you about what has happened.

I imagine every creative comes here with trepidation and wariness as we should because there are a lot of scams out there. And so, you may be responding this way to what has happened to you because you haven’t had time to build trust with Squadhelp.

So I am going to ask you to ask yourself why an honest company would do such a thing to you?

The answer is because Squadhelp has had to create a policy to deal with the very issue they are asking you to respond to. The world is not an honest place and the situation they are asking you to prove has happened here. Squadhelp told creatives about this publicly some time ago (I’ve been here a year and a few months and I remember it) and had to create ways to stop that from happening.

The fact that you, an honest person, have been caught up in the policy that protects creatives and Squadhelp from fraudsters just reassured us that it is actually being handled because those situations hurt creatives. So you can rest assured now that SH is protecting creatives here and potentially provide SH with the info they seek to obtain your prize if that is possible.

I’m sorry you started out of the gate feeling you’ve been wronged. Hopefully knowing that SH has this policy in order to protect us and them is something that you can grow to appreciate.


I think Commulinks answered that very well. I’m sorry that has happened to you and I appreciate your writing about it in such a thoughtful manner. I know what it must have felt like to you but yes, unfortunately it has happened here and SH has been working on ways to rectify the issue. I think once you get it sorted out with Squad you will get your prize and feel much better about entering. I’m glad you spoke out and it is good to meet you. :sunflower:


I appreciate your neutral stance, but you can trust that this was my secondary line of defense, as I’d already had a bit of discourse on the matter with SH. “Wise” to me denotes getting a real and unbiased opinion based on prior experience, with which I had none and knew that at least some members might. Unwise would have been to let them walk all over me just because they “felt” that something “might” be off.

You guys have been great; to be honest, I was full-well expecting at least half of the replies to be chock-full of holier-than-thou attitudes and unprecedented defense modes, as that’s just…internet forums in general.

The issue has been settled among the bureaucrats at SH and I’m a richer man than I was last night.
Cheers, nice making all of your acquaintances, and best of skill to you all in present and future contests!


I am Happy things have worked out for you !!! And congratulations on your very fast win :slight_smile: I hope that even though you went through that you can rest assured that SH really does look out for their creatives and do their best to keep everything transparent and honest. Happy Naming :slight_smile:


I second that. Congratulations. Glad you got it cleared up. Great Name BTW :wink:

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:heart_eyes:Just a friendly :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: to Holly for always trying to look out for other creatives but taking the heat as a result. Some of us know, Holly, and appreciate you.


My comments were just a heads up that some subjects can cause some trouble for you,so I wanted you to be careful. Not that we didn’t sympathize or understand your frustration.But some subjects have to be handled delicately as it can cause warnings/suspension if you misspeak. Glad it worked out.


How sweet of you,Clinks! Thanks for understanding that I was trying to help so they didn’t make a misstep. Hugs!


I knew you were being helpful as well. I didn’t get involved as I felt it would work it’s self out. I learned a couple hard lessons my self. .being under the radar is no fun. I am very careful to pick and choose my words.


Hi By The Way, I’m here about 9 months, all I can say is, the SQ team impresses me. I used to try to working a different venue. After a short while, I distrusted the company…I have no reservations with SH. They respond amazingly fast to us…I don’t think they sleep! If you read through the forums you can see their attempts at fairness…though not always received well. I liken it to our country, we scream and then don’t always like the solutions. Congrats on the win.


I am so glad that it was investigated and sorted out in your favor. Yay. I have nothing but good things to say about SquadHelp and they do a fantastic job of being fair… They are always there for questions and to help you with an issue. The only exception to fairness being that long term prolific creatives with many wins are often rated lower than brand new people with no wins ( but that is my own little beef - Haha). Welcome to the community and best of luck to you in your future naming!

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