Introduction - Grant

Hi everyone!

I am happy to introduce Grant (@squadhelpgrant) who has recently joined our team. We plan to introduce some exciting updates and new offerings in the near future, and Grant will work closely with all of you to ensure that we continue to improve our platform based upon your direct feedback!

I will be moving on to a new role, and may not be as active on the forum. Please tag @SquadhelpGrant in any posts that require SH team’s attention.

I would also like to thank all of you for your ongoing feedback. Your feedback has allowed us to make significant improvements in our platform and we are committed to making even more improvements based on your ongoing feedback!


Welcome to @SquadhelpGrant! We are quite the crew around here! LOL!

@RachelSH - we are going to miss you in the forum. I take it you are just doing another job at SH so I am glad you aren’t leaving completely but you’ve been so great and we will miss you.


Hi, SH Grant: I would like to revisit an old topic that was introduced before you were “brought on board.” It’s the SH-managed contests that were explained to us a few months ago by RachelSH. I didn’t quite understand the concept at the time, and still have some confusion about it. Maybe you could find out some more. Here’s a couple of my questions, and I invite other contestants to add their own:

  1. Will the contestants always be informed at the outset if a contest is a SH-managed contest? And is it possible for a contest to change to a SH-managed contest midway?
  2. What about CH ratings? Does the CH do his or her own rating in these contests?
    Thanks for clarification. RachelSH was very excited about the benefits of these contests.

@auntshommy Thanks for your questions. I, too, think that our managed contests are an exciting new addition for those looking for a great name.

  • We are currently announcing our participation in contests.
  • It is possible for a contest to change to Squadhelp managed, if a CH
  • Regarding ratings, it varies from contest to contest.
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Thank you for your response, Grant, I appreciate it!
Back to Question 2…will we (contestants) be advised if that happens?

@auntshommy We are currently announcing our participation in contests.