Introducing - Visual Domain Discovery

We are pleased to announce a major update that allows sellers to bring their entire domain portfolio to life by generating Visual Images at the click of a button.

Check out this video for more details:

This feature is now available for :

  • All Domains in White Label Marketplace
  • Lifestyle Images for Premium Domains

We also plan to add this feature in the Contest Winners section.

Here is a step by step article that explains how to use this feature:


Hi @Grant, This looks great! I personally don’t have a White Label Marketplace so my question is regarding the SquadHelp marketplace.
I was looking on my SquadHelp marketplace names and saw that the icon with “Image Added” or “Image Requested” is now gone.
Will I be able to add or adapt images in the SquadHelp Marketplace for my Premium Domain Names? If so is there some information on how to do this?
Thank you!

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I BBd this but when I went to my WLM and clicked on domains, it said no domains exist.
Edit: So what I learned is that my marketplace listings don’t come up in the WLM so I can’t do the bulk add images in the video, I have to do them one at a time from my marketplace dashboard. That’s a lot to do because of how many domains I have so I guess I will just pass.

Edit 2: SH says they will be adding a bulk-add option in the marketplace dashboard in the next 24 hours.

Also, question to anyone: did Grant say in the video that once you do this that these will be the primary images and the logos are gone or did I hear that wrong?


Awesome update, thanks very much. :slight_smile:

Please disregard my message - I just saw that this has been updated on the SquadHelp marketplace too. Yayyyyy - so excited to start playing around with this :smile:


Love this :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:
I’ve gone through and updated some of my images. I noticed one thing - For my longer names like “Behind All Events” I spaced out the words in the box. However it doesn’t take into account the spacing when the final image comes out (it comes out as BehindAllEvents). Could this be modified please? I noticed this on all of the longer domains that I had (Previously the images took into account the spacing between the words). Thanks again!


Definitely a very exciting feature @grant. Am sure it will uplift all the marketplaces including the main SH one.


What an awesome update. Thanks @grant! I have just BlueButtoned it as I don’t seem to be able to do it on my marketplace like @CreativeCookie has as yet, but I am looking forward to getting images for all of my domains. Thanks again!


Please, tell me where is button Domains ’ within my Seller Marketplace dashboard? I got 2 areas Marketplace Dashboard & Seller Preferences and I can not find 'Seller Marketplace dashboard;


@grant can we have the option to remove logo in case we want to use visual images?


This is a great service!! Thank you very much Grant and Squadhelp team.

Yes, I would appreciate this option as well :))

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Can we expect, in the very near future to be able to add our own images to our WLM (just like the logos)? The service you provide is wonderful but a little limited or completely lacking, in some domain categories.

Anyways, thank you for the recent innovations.


At my premium domains listing at SH when I now click on “Add life style image” now I can chose the image manually without spending coins, but the domain will not be category featured. What should I do if I want the domain to be featured? which was the main purpose of using a lifestyle image for me (to increase traffic on the domain).

You have to use boosts and superboosts to move your name up in the rankings for it to be featured in a category.


Thanks to everyone who have provided feedback regarding this feature. Here’s an update with some clarifications:

  1. The Bulk add option to Premium Marketplace should be enabled shortly.
  2. If there is already a custom Logo for the domain, it will continue to take precedence even after a visual image has been generated. In future, we will consider adding the ability for sellers to remove a seller uploaded logo design, if the sellers prefer to use the visual image instead
  3. We have now added the option to Delete your visual images if you do not wish to keep them
  4. The space issue within the name should now be fixed. In order to improve the appearance of the brand name, we recommend adding a space while customizing your image for multi word names (e.g. Lily and Grace instead of LilyandGrace).
  5. We will be adding an option in future for sellers to upload their own visual image if they can not find an appropriate image in our available catalog
  6. Several sellers have asked if these new visual images are also included in any remarketing or advertising campaigns. At this point, these images are not included in any additional remarketing campaigns. Here is a quick recap of what is included in our Advertising and remarketing campaigns:
  • All Premium Domains: Included In our standard Advertising and Remarketing Campaigns
  • Names in WLM with SH created Logo: Included in Retargeting campaigns
  • Names in WLM with seller uploaded Logo: Not included in any advertising campaigns
  • Names with Custom Lifestyle images (purchased via coins): Included in special Advertising campaigns that display the names in a Lifestyle image format.
  • Names with Self Generated Visual Images: Not included in any special advertising campaigns that promote Lifestyle images. However in future we may add an option to include these names in the special advertising campaigns for a small one time fee.

Hope this answers the questions related to this feature.


@grant Thank you so much for this info…I have already started changing some of the visual images. I would like to know if there is a way to change the background color of the logo page. I have requested this with instructions/suggestions to the designers before the logos have been made, but those instructions haven’t been noticed. I think many of my logos with the white backgrounds become lost within a sea of many logos for CH’s to go through. Are there any plans to have the ability to change the background colors?

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Searchable Basic Plus with a bought logo?

Thanks for the update and information.


@exceptionaldeb Unfortunately since the Logos are custom designed, it is not possible to change the background using this method. Please continue to rate the logos as they are designed - this allows us to evaluate the overall effectiveness of the Logo Designers and offer them specific guidance.

If a designer continues to receive high ratings, they have access to a larger number of logos that they can design in the platform. On the other hand, if a designer is not able to maintain a high overall rating, it effects their ability to continue to offer Logo designs



Any domains (Premium, Basic, Basic Plus, or WLM) which include a SH designed Logo are now automatically included in our retargeting marketing campaigns