Introducing - Syndication of Marketplace Domains


yes time is money indeed, time keep running. Same as me, i may have move forward with some of my domains too. Sigh.

Ok at least for now, SH owned domains on afternic.


@grant Good call, IMO. Having SH owned domains at Afternic is already a very positive move. The premise of transferring ownership just for the sake of listing domains at Afternic or anywhere else isn’t logical and would have involved way too much time/money/resources especially for SH but for sellers too. It wouldn’t have been sustainable anyway. With Sedo things should be easier, as demonstrated by the existing syndication, so hopefully SH can get that done.

To sellers who are currently disappointed by this decision- take into account that listing at Afternic doesn’t guarantee sales or even significant exposure. At SH your domains are in a pool of around 40K names buyers can choose from. When they’re added to Afternic and its network, they’re in a pool of millions, including very good alternatives for most domains. While some domains, and especially better than average domains, should attract more attention, especially if given enough time- don’t expect miracles or an immediate huge impact on sales. It may happen but it may not, depending on many variables such as quality, scarcity, price, niche, luck etc. Having syndication is definitely better than not having it, but for most sellers it’s probably not worth transferring all your domains away, paying an upfront fee per domain and having to coordinate every time you decide to drop a domain or want to pull it out from the marketplace in order to get ownership back.

We’re in good hands and SH is committed to getting more exposure so it’s better to let SH figure things out in ways that will be more intuitive and straightforward and involve less friction and complex undertakings.


I suppose.
I have sold my basic SH listings on Afternic quickly, when they don’t sell on SH very often.
So let’s hope that now that the major domainers here have nixed this for everyone, SH will find another way to work with Afternic and also others.

Keep in mind, when your portfolio only has under 300 names in it, the sales are not coming in even monthly. One more sale for me, is a big bloody deal.

I trust SH will find another way and if not, I hope they will come back and let us little guys try it.


@Commulinks You never know. Each domain and portfolio is different and there are so many variables that can impact sales. Basic listings naturally have much more of a chance of selling at Afternic so what you’re saying isn’t surprising. At Squadhelp basic listings are hidden away. At Afternic they’re in the registry path and can be found. I was referring to Premium ones. Again, being on Afternic is of course better than not being there and I would love to use it for all of my domains. But I believe in the path of least resistance. If it isn’t intuitive and straightforward, it isn’t the right way to do it and moving thousands of domains that have no reason to be moved isn’t that. IMO customer support would have turned into a domain transferring operation and that would have hurt all other aspects of SH. I trust SH to come up with better arrangements.


Honestly, the Squadhelp is a large platform and can become a major player in the domain market. If ALL domains including the basic plus will be visible on the network, then no syndications will be needed. Why should the SH platform lose its income when it is possible to take a worthy position in the market


We’ll see how it turns out. I am personally not happy at the moment. I could have used more sales.
But I have SH owned names, so perhaps I will anyway.
And on listings, one was a Basic and one was a Basic Plus (visible in marketplace) that I sold on Afternic very shortly after I listed them there, during months when I had not sales on SH at all so they were really important to me.

But what does it matter what I think? Not much. I am a very small fish in a pond with whales. My goals for “domaining” are different and I will not be in this business 10 years from now.

Hopefully, SH will find the right answer. I do trust SH.


I support You. There are a lot of us. Do not forget that whales feed on plankton. And they cannot survive without us: 0)


Sorry that you’re not happy at the moment, links. I’m just voicing my opinion and so are you. SH ultimately decides. I think it’s pretty clear they weren’t enthusiastic about running such a complex and resource demanding operation and were doubting if it could succeed. If SH wants to give it a try, then why not. I think finding a better way would be more beneficial though.

I think two sales aren’t a figure that statistically means a lot in the grand scheme of things. That’s not to say that listing your owned domains at Afternic won’t land more sales. It just means that sales and their timing can be very random and there are dry spells in every marketplace. Sometimes it’s a long dry spell. I’ve often seen people at NP bitch about having no sales and about wanting to pull out all their domains from a marketplace, and then two days later post about a sale. And then often a few weeks later about another one. The gods of domaining work in mysterious ways. Patience and having enough domains in enough places can usually help.


Yes, I know, Moretal. And it matters to SH what their bread and butter large domainers think more than it does what I think, that is just a fact.

Just so you know, I am a #OKBoomer (lol), so that means I have limited time to do this. And time is always money to me right now. I can wait for some sales with what I have because I am very profitable and I became profitable doing this rather quickly. But when you are my age, you think a lot differently about the future. Even a 6 month wait for a new approach is a long time in boomer years. Just sayin’

I said I won’t be in this business in 10 years, it is probably more like 5 or 6, if I even live that long. Just my reality.


First of all, I wish you a long life and great health! As for the rest- if you want to increase profits doing this, you have to be proactive and not wait for any specific site to get you more sales. You’re clearly very good at this and have a lot of potential. Maybe you should take some of your profits and invest in increasingly better domains. You don’t have to spend more time on it than you do now. Good domains attract potential buyers and when that happens- they either click on the BIN or you have an opportunity to negotiate which isn’t very time consuming.


Yes, I have been searching for some in my budget. Found some, got outbid. I have limits and I am very careful not to kill my previous profit. It has to be within reason. Still looking, but I may find one or two at some point.


Never sold anything on sedo :persevere:, but sold more on afternic. I still hope SH can find a way with afternic somehow. I asked some domainers also which one is better, they said afternic. But in case SH find a way with sedo, thats also better than nothing.


@Grant I am wondering if the Afternic listings will be updated with keywords at some point? When I search for my names, they get missed when they are blends of a keyword. Thanks.