Introducing - Syndication of Marketplace Domains


My condolences as well.


Condolences for what?


Grant, on the names already owned by SH, is here a way for us to know if a name sold because of Afternic? It would be great to know that.


@grant Thank you for this feature and as always thank you and the SH team for collaborating with creatives and being attentive to our suggestions and concerns.

No upfront fees would be ideal, but if this cannot be accomplished for whatever reason I would be Okay with the $3 upfront and $8.99 upon renewal. I’m also ok with transferring ownership to SH for the sole purpose of listing with no change in the commission rates.

On the other topic brought up…I appreciate that SH is willing to work with family and beneficiaries in the event of our severe impairment or death. I would like to see something explored further on a policy and agreement to ensure our loved ones a hassle-free way to handle our assets.

As for other concerns mentioned, I don’t deal with a significant amount of domains, but for those that do and are concerned with a high amount of upfront fees, I would pick my strongest names first to include and after making some sales then the cost of adding any additional domains would be more manageable. As I said I don’t have that many to deal with and maybe I am wrong with assuming this as a viable alternative to the cost of adding a large number of domains at once. However, I don’t think this should be a major factor in whether or not to support this feature, as we choose the level of investment we are willing to make towards this opportunity for potentially increasing sales.


@Grant, I just searched a few of my SH owned domains on Afternic. I am not thrilled with the Make an Offer pricing on them. They are way less than a typical sale on SH that would be mostly from $100-$200. I have one I saw that you have the Make an Offer price at $400 below the asking price. I would not want to offer $400 off on a name with such low commissions. Please rethink those Make an Offer prices. I could end up making only very little on some of my SH owned names at that rate!


Dont hold off, I am with going on with the idea on limited scale to test waters, for phase1 you can allow only 5 domains per user to be syndicated.

There is one important thing that should be done, which is to clearly state in SH terms that syndication transfered domains stay under the ownership of the user, and that the user can get back the domain at anytime, and that SH will act solely as an escrow holding the domain until it is sold or requested back by the seller.


I came to the party late and just saw this thread.

I’m all for syndication of course, but transferring domains to SH and paying upfront fees kinda takes all the excitement out of the creative owned domains part. Personally I would never transfer ownership of a domain I paid $XXX-$XXXX for, just for the right to be also listed elsewhere. SH is an honest organization but I want control over my valuable domains. For handregged and $XX ones… maybe. I still don’t like the thought that something I paid money for is in the hands of someone else and that I have to coordinate about renewals, about possibly dropping domains or getting domains back. It seems like it would be a mild headache for one domain and a chronic migraine for a lot of them both for SH and for sellers. I think just syndicating SH owned domains is also a GREAT improvement- so I’m certainly very happy about that. Much thanks to SH for finding more ways to get domains to be seen.

I’m just wondering what’s different about Sedo VS Afternic that allows the Brandable Marketplace That Shall Not Be Named to allow a simple syndication with one click from your account, without upfront fees, without having to transfer ownership and without all the headaches that ensue from having to deal with thousands of domains that haven’t been sold yet and among them thousands that will never sell. Anything that involves moving domains before they’re sold seems pointless and creates extra work for everybody. The Sedo syndication is the way a syndication should be done for user owned domains. Minimum effort for all parties involved. Since there’s a proof of concept of a seamless syndication, anything that has friction is probably the wrong way to do it. I don’t know what the other marketplace has in place, but maybe SH should reach out to Sedo and find out.


Awww i saw sh owned domains already on afternic and godaddy, really really great. I LOVE IT!!! Wishing us many many sales sooner aameen!


please recheck again, maybe now already change, i saw makeoffer n sh domain was $844


Yes yes please dont hold off @grant. We are about to make breakthrough, dont hold off just keep moving forward.

no no, its up to the seller if he or she want to add 5, 10, 20, or 30 domains, or more. Beside for this $3 Sh said that syndication also for other possible partners in the future, and we dont have to pay anything more, except for the renewal fee.


That is only for testing waters. As @grant said the feature will only be open to limited number of domains at first, so allowing 5 per user at first is better than allowing total 500 names which can be quickly taken by few users.


yes limited numbers, but that doesnt mean only 5 domains, soon many domains about to expired, and this will cost money. Better sooner than later to boost sales.


I will try to explain in other words:

  • If SH want to start enabling syndication on limited number of domains, lets say 1000 domains. Then 5 users with 200 domains each may take all limited seats before anyone else.
  • However If SH set the cap of the testing phase to 5 domains per user then 200 users can benefit from it instead of just 5 from above example

This limit will be lifted ofcourse after testing period is over.
*BTW 5 is just an arbitrary number it can be 10, 20, or more depending on what SH decide according to total number of domains they set for testing period.


The discussion on which names should be transferred first could be a moot point.

I’m not going to transfer my domains to SH, @moretal above has more or less said the same thing. I doubt any domainer (that is not a SHer) will transfer their domains to SH.

That leaves SHers that own domains, I’m guessing most will do it, but some won’t. I’ve no idea how many domains are owned by this group.


I’m not going to transfer my 400 domains to SH too. I don’t like the idea to change the ownership of my domains and lose control over them.


I knew this would happen. Large domainers will never part with their portfolios, while small domainers will be afraid to lose what they have. Those who have the basic plus listings domains listed on Afterernic have no problems. On the other hand, when CH wants to quickly buy a domain that personally belongs to a creative in the SH market, such problems also do not arise. In addition, DNS domains are referred to SH. The team must find a way to track what percentage to pay outside SH if the customer comes from Adternic and other platforms. I am sure that no one will want to lose the right to manage their personal domains.


I would echo the points made by MoreTal. Bravo for looking into ways for our domains to get increased visibility and increase sales. That helps both SH and the domain owners. However, the current proposal is not workable from my perspective. Too much time, too much risk and too much cost. Too many pain points for me to participate.

As is often the case, SH is superb in their motivation and creativity but the implementation is laden with complexities and fees that make the new program distasteful.

The listing of our domains at other marketplaces like Afternic should be a simple opt in or opt out. No transfers, no additional fees. A boost in sales benefits both parties no reason for domain owners to take all the risk and pay extra.


Thank you all for your feedback. We certainly understand that transferring domains to SH is not a preferred option for many people. Infact, this option also introduces significant operational and liability issues for SH.

Unfortunately Afternic’s Terms do not allow us to list domains on behalf of other users at this time. We will hold off on this feature at this point and will revisit this once we have a method that is simpler to implement and still allows the ability to track sales and maintain price/inventory consistency.

In the meantime, we are in active discussions with additional syndication partners and we plan to make more announcements in the future. Our goal continues to be to find more ways to maximize visibility of marketplace domains and we will continue to work towards that goal.


@grant but for SH owned domains, the syndication still on right?? please keep it on for SH owned domains. Because this still benefit alot for SH and also for creatives.


I sure hope it will be on Afternic. (Plus SEDO and anyone else, but Afternic is really primo). I understand why you had to do it the way you outlined. I am bummed we can’t do this now. Time is money and I was excited about new possibilities for sales. I was still contemplating, waiting to see what else happened, etc, and how much it would ultimately cost me. I probably would have moved forward, though, with at least some of my domains. I have a lot of SH owned names, too, so I am glad they are there on Afternic. It will be a good test to see if it increases sales on those.

I hope SH is able to find another solution on Afternic.